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Avantgarde Acoustic

Avantgarde Acoustics UNO SD

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The most advanced DUO ever built. Generation 3 technology.

Avantgarde Acoustics DUO SD G3

Product Description

Opposites are simply fascinating us: A compact horn speaker with a capital sound performance. A distinctly reduced product design with downright lavish and sophisticated technology inside. That is the UNO. The entry into the cosmos of our classic horn loudspeaker designs, and yet already a statement that knows only few competition.

Color of the Year 2020

The mystic color shades of the desert for your home: until end of 2020 the horns of the UNO XD will be available in KALAHARI DESERT SAND, at attractive conditions!

Driver technology

We have spent more than five years refining, experimenting, improving, measuring and listening to the new G3 Evolution driver series. Horn and driver were so perfectly matched and merge in the Evolution series to a coherent unit of superior quality.


For more than 30 years, we have been exclusively and intensively engaged in horn technology.


This has created a wealth of experience in our company that is unique and has made many fundamental innovations possible.

Art of engineering.

We use only the finest materials. In the development and production we follow the principles of the highest quality German engineering.

Everything is possible


Each shade in our 12-color collection has been carefully selected by us to adorn your horn speakers. Our claim is that the shades are both timelessly elegant and expressive, integrating harmoniously into your interior design and showcasing the horns.

Excellence reinvented.

G3 stands for “Generation 3”, the successor and next step up from our acclaimed XD series. Starting with the original Generation 1 models in 1993, this is the second time in 30 years that our technologies and product platforms have been completely renewed.

The G3 Series takes nature horn principle to its (il)– logical extreme: sheer musical power unleashed through the use of unbridled efficiency coupled to an extended frequency range.

Optional with the iTRONAA fully active modules – our patented GameChanger technology, with which we directly control the acceleration of the membranes through a perfectly orchestrated current flow. For a perfect, distortion-free, crys‐ talline and natural sound that almost sounds like live.

Incredible detail, stunning dynamic range – both loud and soft – fabulous spaciousness and huge, customizable bass performance – that’s the G3 Series.



  • New generation Evolution drivers for increased dynamics, lower distortion and even purer sound.
  • Innovative XT2 tweeter with new ‘Long Throw’ Horn, extended Supertweeter frequency range and record–breaking distortion values.
  • Co–planar arrangement for the acoustic centre of all drivers, for stunning musical and spatial coherence.
  • NatureCapAA, Avantgarde’s unique, proprietary super-capacitor, with outstanding specs and incredibly delicate sound.
  • Equipped as standard with the E-Fuse circuitry, an electronic fuse for an even more precise dynamic reproduction.
  • Optional patented and fully active iTRONAA Current Drive, for perfect control of driver output and the ultimate sound.
  • Iconic and instantly recognizable design language, combined with future–proof modular technology for easy, future electronic upgrades.
  • Piano lacquer finish of the bass cabinets and new elegant color and design options for an even more individual configuration of your dream loudspeaker.


The System


The specifications speak for themselves: Unique 18 Ohm high-impedance voice coil design, combined with a breathtaking efficiency of 107 dB. Possibly some of the best specifications world-wide for a series production loudspeaker.

  • 107 dB efficiency
  • 18 Ohm drivers with double-ferrite magnets
  • 500 mm spherical midrange horn
  • CDC system w/o passive filter
  • 100 V CPC crossover design
  • subwoofer with DSP control
  • 2 x 10 inch bass drivers
  • 1000 W bass amplifier

Midrange driver


  • Horn type: Spherical horn
  • Horn material: ABS, pressure molded
  • Horn finish: polished and lacquered
  • Horn dispersion angle: 180 degrees
  • horn mouth area: 0,196 sqm
  • horn diameter: 500 mm
  • horn length: 280 mm
  • CDC (Controlled Dispersion Characteristic): yes


  • membrane diameter: 127 mm
  • membrane material: Soft Mesh
  • magnet material: Double-Ferrite

Tweeter driver


  • Horn type : Spherical horn
  • Horn material: ABS, pressure molded
  • Horn finish: polished and lacquered
  • Horn dispersion angle: 180 degrees
  • Horn area: 0.013 sqm
  • Horn diameter: 130 mm
  • Horn length: 65 mm


  • Membrane diameter: 25 mm
  • Membrane material: Mylar
  • Magnet material: Ferrite

Subwoofer driver

  • Driver diameter: 250 mm/10“
  • Membrane material: ladled paper
  • Magnet material: Ferrite
  • Drivers per subwoofer: 2

Subwoofer amplifier

  • Amplifier power (RMS): 1000 (2 x 500) Watt, Class-D
  • Active crossover: programmable by built-in DSP
  • Subsonic filter: programmable by built-in DSP
  • 12V trigger input: yes
  • Limiter: yes
  • Programmable via LAN/USB: yes/yes
  • Inputs, switchable: 1 x speaker-level and 1 x XLR (f)
  • Loop-through output: 1 x XLR (m)

Mechanical construction

  • Footing: 4 custom made spike cones with precision adjusting mechanism
  • Frame: Base frame from solid casted aluminium
  • Subwoofer cabinet: Reinforced construction from 30 mm MDF
  • Subwoofer front cover: Detachable cloth cover
  • Operation indicator: LED at subwoofer logo panel
  • Horn mounting: Threaded connection for midrange and tweeter horns

Horn Colors

  • Turmaline Vivid Black
  • Stealth Nocturne Grey
  • Diamond Chrystal Silver
  • Akoya Pearl White
  • Light Amber Bronze
  • Saona Beach Cream
  • Shiny Citrine Orange*
  • Ruby Brilliant Red
  • Sapphire Burma Blue
  • Light Topaz Blue
  • Smaragd Pearl Green

Cabinet Finish

  • White Satin
  • Black Satin
  • Tiger Rosewood*
  • Zebrano*