We offer a wide array of excellent high fidelity headphones for any budget. In addition, we also offer
headphone amplifiers, and cabling to elevate your system beyond all expectations!

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    Focal Clear MG Headphones

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    Focal Clear MG HeadphonesFocal Clear MG Headphones
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    T+A Solitaire P

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    Audio-Technica AD700X

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    Audio-Technica AD700XAudio-Technica AD700X
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    Grado SR125x

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    Grado Labs HeadphonesGrado SR125x

T+A AMP + Headphones

The T+A HA 200 features a Class A amplifier section paired with T+A's most advanced 1-bit DAC. It is the first headphone amp to decode DSD1024 and is easily the best we've heard.

The new Solitaire P symbolizes the experience, expertise and
commitment in the development of sound transducers which have been the T+A hallmark for 41 years.

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T+A Solitaire P Headphones

"The Solitaire Ps say they know they are good, and they don’t have to prove anything with mere baubles and fripperies.

Everything inside the box is laid out with military precision. Two superb, high-quality detachable cables are included in the box. T+A gives a choice of cables when ordering the Solitaire P headphones."

—Mark Sparrow, Forbes

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Focal Utopia Headphones

Grado SR325x

Audio-Technica AD700X
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