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HiFi Rose

HiFi Rose RS250A High Performance Network Streamer

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RS250A with built-in high performance DAC(ES9028PRO) and Discrete OP AMP provides

the best of wide bandwidth, separation and audio clarity. The wide LCD and multi-touch provide a new experience as an audio device and

add perfection to those seeking simplicity. The harmonious design of the high-quality aluminum body emphasizing the same edge as the previous product and the cool wide viewing angle touchscreen placed on the

front side makes your music space stand out even more. The rotary-type power and volume switches in consideration of visual effect and

practicality pursue ROSE's own delicacy


Pure Sound

Flagship Single Stereo Design DAC R$250A with built-in ESS flagship DAC (ES9028PRO) provides low-noise, low-distortion ultra-high-resolution sound and rich analog density through proprietary processing that supports PCM 32bit/768KH and Native DSD512 (22.5792Mhz).


Realization of Analog Acoustic Sensibility Acoustic engineers and audio craftsmen with 30 years of experience tune the device to deliver the original impression and intention of high-quality sound. It clearly expresses

the entire range, from the magnificent and rich bass to the delicate and elegant highs.


Linear Power Circuit Design Applied The linear power supply provides a clean and reliable power supply to the CPU

and audio output circuits. Fully linear power supply and shielding are applied, and noise that may be

transmitted to sensitive DAC is blocked for the best possible sound reproduction