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Focal Clear MG Headphones

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Open hi-fi headphones for the home

Thanks to its exclusive open-back drivers, Clear Mg reveals the finest details of your music with precision and finesse. The headphones make you forget all about them... The solid aluminum yoke offers a pure, seamless design. Clear Mg is also the elegance of a finish combined with the comfort of a leather headband and microfiber earpads.










A benchmark among Focal open-back headphones, Clear Mg delivers outstanding sound performance thanks to its magnesium diaphragm loudspeakers. This ensures fine, precise, high-impact reproduction, providing a wide soundstage.








Comfort is the key to listening pleasure. The solid aluminum yoke has been developed to hug the face and offer a seamless design. The genuine leather and microfiber-covered headband offers a constant curvature, whatever the size of the head, for optimum seating once worn.













With its warm, high-gloss Chestnut and Mixed-Metals finish and noble materials (leather, solid aluminum, etc.), Clear Mg is a headphone of highly polished elegance. Another key design feature is the honeycomb grille on the earcups, which ensures perfect sound opening and enhances the elegance of Clear Mg headphones.










These headphones need a running-in period to reach full performance. This will happen naturally after several hours of listening. If you wish to accelerate the process, we recommend that you play the headphones for at least 24 hours at a relatively high volume level, on tracks rich in low frequencies. This will stabilize the loudspeakers and enable you to enjoy your headphones to the full.



Clear Mg comes with a carrying case woven in the headphones' colors and high-fidelity cables to suit different listening styles. An optional stand is available for elegantly displaying the headphones at home.













A remarkable soundstage

Experts in high-fidelity loudspeakers, our acoustic engineers have applied their know-how to headphones, working as much on dome materials as on their shapes. For open-back headphones, they have patented magnesium "M" dome full-range open-back loudspeakers. Lightweight and with a high damping factor, magnesium adds dynamics and detail across the entire sound spectrum, while maintaining a neutral, balanced signature. Also M-shaped, the inner earcup grilles follow the curve of the loudspeakers for optimum precision and high-frequency reproduction. The result: a remarkable soundstage and precise, crystal-clear sound reproduction.







StereoNET Product of the Year Awards 2021 - Read More

"One model beneath the company's flagship Utopia, this beautiful open-back, over-ear headphone uses the St Étienne-based company's latest 40mm magnesium driver to deliver stellar sonics. Stronger and lighter than aluminium, this material is costly to work with but ideal for this application. The reduced moving mass makes for better sensitivity and lower distortion, and the result is great sound even with relatively modestly powered portables. Gorgeous build and a superb 'chestnut' metallic finish seal the deal. "


Focal Clear Mg Headphones Review - Read More

"Focal’s new Clear Mg may not be quite as neutral as its Oppo PM-1 rival for instance, but is a highly talented performer in its own right with arguably more contemporary voicing. It’s also supremely comfortable to wear, so much so that it’s one of my lasting recollections of this design. Together, these two facets form a highly desirable package.

The original Clear was like a more attainable Utopia – and for me, the new Clear Mg is even more so. Focal's latest is a great all-rounder with impeccable timing and excellent dynamics, but its sense of space is where it really shines. I did find some untidiness in the lowest frequencies when using a tube amp, but valve warmth sometimes can add some opaqueness to the presentation. Overall it has much to shout about in the sub-£1,500 sector and will challenge many more expensive designs too."


Focal Clear MG Headphone Review - Read More

"Not for the first time, I am compelled to point out that by the time you reach a price point like this, headphones are not simply a convenience item for use when it is impractical to use your speakers. They have capabilities that are simply beyond what most of us mere mortals will ever get near with a box loudspeaker"


Sony MDR-Z1R and Focal Clear MG Kings of Wired Over-Ear Headphones - Read More

"Focal Clear MG are the best of today's headphones for the Wired Over-Ear category."


Stereophile's Products of 2021 Editors' Choice - Read More

"More often than not, friends want to know how to get audiophile sound with one or two simple moves. The easy answer is a great pair of headphones hooked up to a DAC and laptop/phone. "Get some Focal headphones" is usually the first thing out of my mouth, and the new Mg is "audiophile-in-a-box" easy to recommend."


Gramophone Dreams #52: Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition & Focal Clear Mg headphones - Read More

"On every recording I tried, the new Clear Mg sounded more transparent, more sharply focused, more punchy, and more left-brain precise than the original Clear. But on every male and female vocal, the old Clear put me closer in touch with the singer's personality." - Herb Reichert 


2021 Audioholics Product of the Year Award Winners! - Read More

"One of the best-sounding and ruggedly constructed open-back headphones on the market." - Wayde Robson 




Focal Replaces Clear with All-New Improved Clear Mg Open Back Headphones - Read More

"If Focal sought to incrementally improve on Clear without a shift in overall tonality, timbre or tuning—mission definitely accomplished! The key improvement seems to be higher frequency detail and a bit more dynamic range to my ears. Otherwise, Focal didn’t mess with the secret sauce that made Clear one of legendary audiophile headphones of the current era." - Wayde Robson 

Focal Clear Mg Open-Back Headphones: Review - Read More

"Some will no doubt lament the discontinuation of the original Clear. Although they share a very similar lineage, the Mg are not the same headphones in aesthetics or sound. 

If we are to judge the Focal Clear Mg on their own merits, they epitomize what luxury audiophile headphones should be. They are characterized and defined by a pervasive warmth, evident in their earth-tone color palette, enveloping comfort, and smooth sonic signature.” - Trav Wilson


Focal Clear Mg review - Read More

"Focal has done a terrific job with the Clear Mg. They’re talented performers that stay comfortable over extended listening sessions. Add excellent build and finish into the equation and we think they're right up there with the best at the price. Highly recommended."  - What Hi-Fi?


Focal Clear MG review: officially the best wired headphones at the T3 Awards 2021 - Read More

"The Focal Clear MG headphones offer simply fantastic audio quality, and a comfortable design for long periods of listening. And they can even be driven by portable devices, though are at their best with a great hi-fi setup." -  MATTHEW BOLTON


Focal Clear vs Clear MG Comparison Review - Read More

"While the Clear MG proves itself as a worthy advancement of the Clear, there are still some qualities that you can’t beat with the original. The MG holds the superior sense of height and depth, while also sporting a more unique look, but the original Clear still has the more natural response and is the all-around more versatile headphone. They both go for the same $1,490 price tag, so what it really comes down to is taste. For myself, I think I needed a more lively open-back from Focal’s lineup, and that’s exactly what the MG delivered. "



"I’ve heard headphones that sound very similar to the FOCAL CLEAR MG, but frequency response is not everything. When you add comfort, build quality, the exquisite look of the overall design, the FOCAL CLEAR MG is an excellent value at $1500. As high-end headphones go, the FOCAL CLEAR MG is in the middle of the pack in terms of price, but it performs significantly better than the price would indicate."


Review: Focal Clear MG - Read More

"The open Focal Clear MG are excellent headphones. The music sounds great with many layers of detail and a nice large midrange reproduction. The bass is cash without becoming dominant, and the treble is crisp and detailed without being scratchy. And best of all, the headphones are comfortable to wear and work fine even without a powerful amplifier.

The stereo width is not as large as on some others. Clear MG may therefore be perceived as more monitor-like – but still just as musical." - Geir Nordby


Focal Clear Mg Headphones Review: Perfect Clarity - Read More

"For their blend of style, build quality, and performance, Focal Clear Mg earn an HTR Editor's Choice: Best Design award and is clearly among the finest super Premium Open-Back Headphones you can buy at any price. The brilliant thing is they work great with everything from just a phone all the way up to a super-premium, high-performance, dedicated DAC/amp like the Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition. " - MARK HENNINGER

Focal Clear Mg headphone review: Open-back headphones never sounded better - Read More

"The Focal Clear Mg is an exemplary headphone, with clean, clear sound, neutral tonal balance, and wide sound stage. Its only drawback is its high price tag. " - Scott Wilkinson






 Sound - Acoustics

Product type Open-back headphones
Loudspeakers 15/8" (40mm) Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 5 Hz – 23 kHz
Harmonic distortion rate 0.25 % @ 1 kHz / 100 dB SPL
Impedance 55 Ω
Maximum SPL (peak@1m) 104 dB SPL


Weight 450 g / 0.99 lb


Carrying case depth 120 mm / 4.75 in
Carrying case included Yes
Carrying case height 250 mm / 9.87 in
Carrying case width 240 mm / 9.5 in
Cables provided • 1 x 4ft (1.2m) Jack 1/8" cable
• 1 x 10ft (3m) 4-pin XLR cable
• 1 Jack adapter,1/8" (3.5mm) female – 1/4" (6.35mm) male


Jack (6.35mm)

Mini-Jack (3.5mm)

XLR 4 pin