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Tributaries PWRC-T10X Outlet Power Bar 120volt

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Tributaries T10X is a 10-outlet power bar with surge suppression, noise filtration and triggering in/out. The T10X is a versatile unit that can be mounted either on the front or the rear of the rack or even on the wall or under a counter. It can be positioned so the outlets face up & down or forward & backward offering multiple options for power management. The 120V/15A/1800watt T10X has a joule rating of 3240j and employs the X3MOV, a patented MOV (Metal Oxide Varister). The X3 dissipates heat more quickly and will last 10 times longer than conventional MOVs. A blue LED on the front panel marked “PROTECTED” indicates the X3 MOV is operational and your electronics are protected from surges. Next to the Protected LED is another blue LED marked “GROUNDED” indicating your home circuit is safely grounded. The T10X has ten outlets total; 6 on the front panel and 4 on the rear panel, all evenly spaced to allow space for transformers or “wall warts”. The front panel incorporates the LED indicator lights and the power switch. The PWRC-T10X Power Extension Bar is a unique power component that offers superior surge suppression, line filtration, triggering and the flexibility to be installed just about anywhere.
The T10X has a six foot power cable and comes packed with rack ears for mounting.


"The T10X is better built than similar competitor’s products"

 Jeff Bradford|The Sound Guys



Model PWRC-T10X Highlights

Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando Florida, USA
10 outlet Power Bar; mount on rack, on wall or under counter
1800 watts / 15 amps
3240 joules of surge suppression
12 volt trigger in and out
Line power is filtered to lower the noise floor
Mounting hardware included
3 UL® certifications and RoHS compliant