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Pro-Ject Adapt it

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Single puck

Precision machined single record puck!

Fits all brands and types of turntables and places your 7“ vinyls exactly centrally on the turntable. Adapt it is made from non-magnetic metal, that makes it look first-class. Unlike cheap plastic solutions the Adapt it is unbreakable!

Playing 45 rpm records or 7-inch singles is next to impossible without the proper 45 rpm record adapter. Get the most out of your turntable and 45 rpm vinyl with our Adapt It perfect fit 45 rpm adapter.

This 45 rpm spindle adapter is a universal fit that will also please audiophiles with its weight and durability.

There are fantastic 7 inch records out in the world that were built to fit a record changer or jukebox but weren’t made for standard turntable spindle. By filling the spindle hole with this solid aluminum adapter, you’re assured fantastic sound and a longer life for your black plastic or vinyl records.

Built to fit any record player, an adapter also keeps your stylus in great shape. If a 45rpm record is spinning awkwardly around your platter without a 45rpm adapter, it could damage the stylus. That damage will become clear next time you play your favorite lp record.

Toss out your plastic adapters and ensure a smooth playing record turntables appreciate. For collectors of 45s, this 45 rpm record insert is a long-lasting turntable adapter that allows for years of enjoyment.

The vinyl record adapter comes with a standard warranty but is durable enough that you may not need one. Adapt It is made from non-magnetic metal with a first-class shine. Unlike cheap plastic solutions the Adapt It is unbreakable! Careful playing is the foundation to record care and turntable maintenance.


  • Adaptor for use with 7-inch single records
  • Locates record centrally on turntable
  • No plastic - precision CNC-machined
  • Non-magnetic aluminum
  • Suitable for all brands and types of record players
  • Available in silver, black



Technical Specifications

Material Aluminum, CNC twisted

Diameter 38 mm

Height 10 mm

Colour options silver, black