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Stenheim Alumine Three SE

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Alumine Three
Exceptional quality in a compact format.

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With the Alumine Three, Stenheim has distilled the exceptional quality of its world-renowned Alumine Five speaker into a compact housing, creating an even more accessible music experience for audiophiles and music lovers. Made in Switzerland, the new Alumine Three speaker is the product of many years of research and unparalleled knowledge of audiophile technology.

Its design takes inspiration from the Alumine Five, Stenheim multi-award-winning speaker. Like its predecessor, it is an all-aluminium model and shares its core technical specifications, including extremely high efficiency. It can also be combined with high-quality low power amplifiers. However, the Alumine Three’s more compact housing sets it apart, enabling extremely high performance at a lower price point.

Some manufacturers focus on the senses, others on technology. Stenheim’s approach combines the two because we understand the impact of physical constraints on subjective listening quality.

The Alumine Three adopts cutting-edge technology specifically for the benefit of musicians and music. It plunges you into the heart of music as if you’re listening to it live. Listen to the notes vibrate, detect every nuance of the voice, touch or bow movement and feel all of the musician’s feeling and emotion. The Alumine Three has been designed for you to bring music to life.


Alumine Three SE

As with other speakers in the Alumine line, the Stenheim Alumine Three is also available as a Special Edition, the Alumine Three SE, with several upgrades for the most discerning audiophile. Launched at the end of 2022, this SE version builds on the already remarkable sound produced by the standard Alumine Three and gives it even more clarity and detail.

It employs the same sophisticated cabinets and drivers but the wiring connecting the internal components is custom-sourced from a boutique supplier. It features a no-expense-spared crossover, built with the finest available components. Whilst the standard Alumine Three’s crossover is already exactingly and meticulously engineered to be musically unobtrusive, it is nonetheless possible, through the selection of even higher-grade components, to release a whole new level of musical information: greater resolution, richer textures, more articulate rhythms and more natural dynamics.

All these modifications have been arrived at through exhaustive A/B listening tests. These have led us to select the very best parts from Mundorf and Jantzen, Audyn, Myflex and Jupiter – a Who’s Who of boutique audiophile brands. The result is even greater transparency and dimensionality, even more natural separation and perspectives, micro-dynamic and harmonic resolution, a greater range of tonal colour.

Finally, the binding posts have been upgraded and doubled up. They are now the same as those used on our Reference models and allow for bi-wiring and bi-amping, giving owners the chance to further enhance the sound from their system, or giving them a possible upgrade path in the future by adding further amplifiers.

The Alumine Three SE is the best Alumine Three that we can make and the astonishing sound it produces will only go to further enhance the reputation of what, in the guise of the standard Alumine Three, is already a remarkable, award-winning loudspeaker.


Technical specifications

  • 3-way floor standing speaker with 4 high efficiency transducers

  • 2 x 8-inch woofers, 1 x 5 1/4-inch neodymium medium drivers, 1 x neodymium tweeter

  • Massive aluminum cabinet with 3 independents chambers, 2 closed /medium and tweeter) and 1 with laminar flow front port

  • Passive 3 ways crossover, using audiophile high grade components

  • Frequency response : 32 to 35 kHz

  • Power handling : 150 W RMS, 300 W peak

  • Minimum recommended amplifier: 10W

  • Sensitivity : 93 dB

  • Nominal impedance : 4 Ohms

  • Dim : H 1050mm x W 250mm x D 330 mm

    (H 41,3in x W 9,8in x D 13in)

  • Weight : 70 kg (including adjustable feet)

  • Warranty : 5 years


Press Reviews


« I never imagined how much previously undelivered recorded information the Stenheim Alumine Threes would bring into my room. Or how powerful and compelling this newly discovered information would be.”

Herb Reichert, Stereophile, 2021



“The Stenheim Alumine Three did this more frequently, and do a greater degree that any other loudspeaker I’ve had in my home. The Three is a compact, exceptionally built, and easy to drive loudspeaker that fits into real rooms, with the heart of a large horn system and touches of electrostatic transparency thrown in for good measure. At, or near the top of finest compact loudspeakers available today, and one that joins the small club of products I’d recommend going out of your way to experience”

Allan Moulton, The Absolute Sound, 2020