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Ansuz Darkz Feet/Resonance Control

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Darkz Feet

 Resonance Control

Prepare your audio equipment

The Darkz Feet makes it possible to upgrade your audio equipment with the excellent Ansuz Darkz resonance control devices.


Technologies and Components

Fits on almost all audio equipment.

Equipment from Ansuz and its sister brands, Aavik & Børresen, is mounted with the Ansuz feet and thus prepared for using the Ansuz Darkz resonance control devices. Most audio equipment from other brands can be fitted with Ansuz Feet simply by replacing the original vibration feet. The Ansuz feet comes in 3 versions – the difference is the thread, prepared so it fits on almost all audio equipment.


4, 6, 8 mm



Design Anodized


Surface treatment


In order to optimize the acoustical vibrational feedback the three discs have been treated with an extra hard anodization.