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Ansuz Darkz T2 Supreme/Resonance Control

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Darkz T2 Supreme

 Resonance Control

A truly impeccable sound

The Darkz T2 Supreme are made from titanium, which has excellent material properties that allow a perfect resonance control. Furthermore, the Darkz discs are following an elaborate process where the titanium is further refined with the exclusive Ansuz Supreme coating, which provides the music with a truly impeccable sound quality.



Technologies and Components

Natural and authentic sound.

Ansuz Darkz resonance control devices absorb vibrations that are not directly related to the signal path. The absorption results in an audible vibration feedback, which affects the sound quality. It is the natural and authentic sound that Ansuz Darkz devices are designed to preserve. There is no alteration of the authentic sound reproduction which, when using conventional grounding materials, often make the sound unnaturally cold and harsh.





Surface treatment Interlayer balls Discs


Surface treatment


In order to optimize the acoustical vibrational feedback the three discs have been treated with an extra hard anodization.






Interlayer balls, Titanium

As the interlayer balls are an extremely important part of the resonance control elements, these are in Titanium. Titanium is an excellent material in terms of preserving the natural sound.






Design philosophy – Darkz

When defining the exact set-up and the dimensions of the Darkz, Ansuz Acoustics was exclusively guided by its core philosophy to always strive for the ultimate in sound quality. The Ansuz Darkz consists of 3 discs. Each of the upper two discs floats on 3 interlayer balls to ensure excellent handling and absorption of vibrations.





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"Although Ansuz products introduced to me in Denmark were alike voiced and distinctively tiered, the most prominent performance gaps always formed between this brand’s second best and top shelf models. To their makers small quality increments simply don’t work at the pinnacle. That’s where they leave all compromises at the door and go all in with bang loud enough to charge accordingly. Ansuz Darkz T2S fits this profile brilliantly, and that’s what surprised me the most in the context of its non-essential function." - Dawid Grzyb


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"Darkz Resonance Control works like magic, and annoyingly yet reassuringly, the higher up you move the model ladder, the more the sound improves." - CHRISTIAAN PUNTER



Dimensions, Øxl
44,5×23,8 mm
1,75×0,94 Inches