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Ansuz Mainz A2/Power Cable

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Mainz A2

Power Cable

Pristine sound

The Ansuz Mainz A2 power cord is fitted with Ansuz’s noise reduction technology. Double inverted helix coils radically reduce the sonic noise effects of induction and provide more energy to the music presented on a more expanded and holistic soundstage.

Technologies and Components

Cutting edge technologies.

Ansuz develops and manufactures cables based on advanced, cutting edge technologies. Ansuz cables deliver a pure signal flow that unleashes the authentic sound originally intended by the master recording. To achieve this, it is imperative to lower resistance, curb induction and reduce noise floor to a minimum. The more advanced the cable series, the more refined and sophisticated the implemented technologies, and the more transparent, holistic and authentic the resulting soundstage.


36 PCS



Double inverted helix coils Plated connectors Silver plated conductor



Anodized aluminium housing

Exclusive protection.

The housing is made of anodized aluminum with in-house made laser engravings.



Golden connection.

The connectors are made of gold-plated pure copper.




Carefully settled signal handling.

The conductors are made of shielded silver-plated copper.




Ground wire

Carefully unwound signal handling.

The ground wire is made of shielded silver-plated copper.





Double inverted helix coil

Lowest induction.

Ansuz DIHC technology reflects a key advancement in audio technology and is employed in most of Ansuz cable types. Based on this technology, we wind and configure our audio cables. The idea behind this technology is to ensure the lowest possible induction. When the coil and the counter coil are closely wound in a double helix pattern, induction can be significantly reduced.


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"Although liberated from flamboyance by design, all Ansuz A2 loaners inspected up close showed uniform meticulous execution typical for large audio establishments with their manufacturing processes down pat. Suffice to say, today’s black visually simple exterior mixed with subtle silver bits is the universal safe route fit for any living room. It’s fair to mention that coin listed above easily gets us bigger boxes, thicker cables and heftier footers elsewhere, but team Ansuz didn’t even bother. Why would they? Bling is not in their Scandinavian DNA, on the contrary to usefulness and minimalism to quickly shift one’s focus from looks to performance." - Dawid Grzyb



"I also noticed similar changes with piano recordings. Listening with the Tesla plug-in module, the pianist seemed to edge ever so slightly towards the front of his stool and in doing so played the keys more deliberately. The sound became a touch more precise. The Sparkz is an extremely interesting gadget which will no doubt be able to show off its qualities in terms of three-dimensionality and resolution to the fullest when used as part of an ambitiously configured system. The power cable, on the other hand, gives sound quality a serious, immediate boost. There’s no need to listen for a long time, reflect and make comparisons. The Ansuz A2 injects energy, a sense of presence and dynamics—even drama into the system. But I don’t want to give too much away. It’s a magnificent cable that makes a real statement. This may be a glowing recommendation but don’t just take my word for it—check it out for yourself!" - Michael Vrzal


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"The Ansuz X-TC is an excellent network switch, the A2 is a clear step better with higher resolution, better timing and an ability to open up the soundstage that’s very appealing. The need to keep noise at bay means that the switch is as important a part of a streaming system as the streamer and DAC, the lower the noise the more natural and revealing the system. Adding Ansuz’s matching A2 power and ethernet cables allow it to do an even better job and bring clear benefits in a revealing system, if you want to hear as much music as possible they are a key part of the package." - Jason Kennedy


Standard length 1 m
39,4 Inches
Termination EU
GB 15 or 20 AMP


Mainz Power Cable Technology Table

  Ansuz Mainz X2 | Power Cable Ansuz Mainz P2 | Power Cable

Ansuz Mainz A2 | Power Cable

Ansuz Mainz C2 / Power Cable Ansuz Mainz D2 / Power Cable Ansuz Mainz D-TC2 / Power Cable Ansuz Mainz D-TC Supreme / Power Cable
Twisted Cable 4 6
Ground Wire 2 shielded, silver plated copper 2 shielded, silver plated copper 13 shielded, silver plated copper 1+12 shielded, silver plated copper 1+12 shielded, silver plated copper 2 shielded, silver plated copper 2+24 shielded, silver plated copper
Conductors 2 shielded, silver plated copper 4 shielded, silver plated copper 25 shielded, silver plated copper 1+24 shielded, silver plated copper 1+24 shielded, silver plated copper 4 shielded, silver plated copper 4+48 shielded, silver plated copper
Double inverted helix … 36 36 36 72
Connector Gold plated Gold plated Gold plated Gold plated Gold plated
Housing Anodized aluminium Anodized aluminium Anodized aluminium Anodized aluminium Supreme coating
Anti aerial resonance …
3 x 37 cm 6 x 37 cm 6 x 74 cm 12×37 cm+6×74 cm
Active square Tesla coils 128 128
Dither Circuitry 8 16
Active cabel Tesla coil 24