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Ansuz Record Stabilizer D-TC/Resonance Control

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Record Stabilizer D-TC

Resonance Control

Create a live concert of your music.

The Ansuz Record Stabilizer D-TC weighs 750 grams. It is the heaviest of the Record Stabilizer versions and mainly designed for turntables without a floating suspension. Consisting of a supreme metal composite, and covered with a sophisticated coating, this stabilizer secures a convincing control of vibrations and resonances, and presents the music with liveliness, depth and energy.


Technologies and Components

Minimizing the vibration and resonance issues.

The Ansuz Record Stabilizer is a innovative resonance control device. It is developed to minimize the vibration and resonance issues from the vinyl and most important to highlight the liveliness in the vinyl. The record stabilizer rests on 12 small titanium balls on the record which absorbs the vibrations that are not directly related to the signal path. The absorption results in acoustical vibrational feedback, which affects the overall sound. It is the natural and authentic sound that the Record Stabilizer intend to preserve.



12 PCS


Surface treatment Interlayer balls Composite material



Surface treatment

Supreme composition.

The Darkz discs are further acoustically optimized by applying the Ansuz Supreme coating on each disc. This coating is applied to the discs in Hi-PIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) machine to create the finest and most uniform layer of Zirconium and tungsten followed by a layer consisting of aluminium titanium nitride.


Interlayer balls, Titanium

As the interlayer balls are an extremely important part of the resonance control elements, these are in Titanium. Titanium is an excellent material in terms of preserving the natural sound.


Lightweight design and material

The goal is to deliver a construction with a low weight but with the attention to an optimum ability to ensure a stunning resonance control. The chosen material is Titanium as this is one of the best materials to obtain both requirements.



Center pin

Neutral load.

In order to avoid acoustical downsides the Record Stabilizer isn´t in direct mechanical contact with the center pin. Traditional record clamps are screwed onto the center pin which results in background noise and audible layer of rumbling distortion to the music.





Dimensions, Øxh
88,8×26,7 mm
3,50×1,05 Inches
750 g
1,7 lb