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Ansuz Sortz Signature/Noise reduction – LAN

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Sortz Signature

Noise reduction – LAN

Outstanding musical refinement

The Sortz Signature LAN model is the premium quality version.It is fitted with all the technology elements that is ensuring the high efficiency of the Ansuz Sortz products and furthermore the models housing features the exclusive acoustically optimized Signature coating to ensure the best musical performance.



Technologies and Components

Effective audible noise reduction.

Ansuz Sortz is a termination plug for open input and output sockets. This innovative audio product is designed to audibly reduce disturbing noise that infiltrates any audio component through the open input and output sockets or through the ground connection. The Sortz feature Ansuz’s spearheading technologies that ensure effective grounding. Ansuz Sortz have incorporated two critical noise reduction technologies: the Tesla coil technology which reduces the ability of any audio component to pick up disturbing noise, and the anti-aerial resonance coil technology, which significantly reduces actual noise levels.





Anti aerial Tesla coil Surface treatment Treatment


The Tesla coil principle

The key operating principle of the Ansuz Tesla coil is to have two coils wound in opposite directions – one coil and one counter coil. In Ansuz words, this is called “A double inverted coil”. The two coils both carry voltage, and when one of the Tesla coils encounters a voltage spike, a counter spike is activated to eliminate the noise. Since noise spikes are pure voltage carrying virtually no charge, the cancelation is quite good, but not perfect. Adding more Tesla coils in parallel, increases the noise cancellation and the perceived blackness in the music increases significantly along with the purity and clarity of the sound. Ansuz uses various types of Tesla coils, as their individual properties ideally complement and reinforce each other.



Anti aerial resonance coil technology

Prevents airborne noise.

All cables and cable screens are acting like antennas for airborne RF noise which of course is a huge problem. The passive cable Tesla coil is wounded on the external part of the cable and protects the signal from absorbing the airborne RF noise. This noise is absorbed in the Tesla coil.

As there is a voltage running in the conductor itself, and it is wounded in the counter direction – this is used as the counter coil and the RF noise is then eliminated.


Ansuz Zirconium Bar

The material properties of this zirconium bar allow for unprecedented resonance control resulting in outstanding musical refinement that creates a natural soundstage, unrivalled in its purity, precision and attention to musical detail.


Cryogenic Treatment – Sortz

The Ansuz Sortz undergo a cryogenic treatment to increase their conductivity. When metal components undergo a cryogenic processing, they are subjected to extreme cooling temperatures of about -321°F (-196° C ). During this process, the crystal structure of the metal contracts more and more. Alloying elements are displaced from the grain structure of the metal, which now becomes very similar to a monocrystal. These structural changes in the metal have profound effects on its audio properties, resulting in a 6-8% increase in conductivity.



Surface treatment

Signature composition.

The surface is further acoustically optimized by applying the Ansuz Signature coating. This coating is applied to the surface in a Hi-PIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) machine to create the finest and most uniform layer of Zirconium and tungsten followed by a layer consisting of aluminium titanium nitride. Finally, the discs are coated with a layer of zirconium.




Prototyped: Ansuz Darkz Zirconium, Sortz and Supreme - Read More

"Anti Arial Technology and - you guessed it - zirconium as well are used in the new Ansuz product line, the Sortz. These are plugs designed to seal off one or more unused inputs and outputs in order to keep high-frequency interference and unwanted mechanical excitation away from the electronics. So the Sortz are not in the least comparable to the simple metal or plastic caps that are commonly offered to terminate unoccupied sockets. I was able to briefly listen for myself that the Sortz are also extremely effective. The objective is again to achieve more space, openness and blackness in music reproduction. How intensive this can get depends on the quality grade of the Sortz." - DIRK SOMMER


Ansuz Sparkz and Sortz - Read More

"There are three Sortz versions, differentiated not by their technology on the inside but by the “Signature Resonance Coatings” coatings that are applied to the outer housing. The technology that is used on the inside is actually identical. The coatings are applied to the housings in a particle accelerator to create the finest and most uniform layer consisting of zirconium and tungsten, followed by a layer of aluminum titanium nitride. Finally, the discs are applied with a layer of Zirconium." - CHRISTIAAN PUNTER 




Dimensions, Øxl 13×102,6mm
In inches 0.51×4.04 Inches
Length when plugged in 89,1mm
In inches 3.51 Inches