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Ansuz TC Linkz D-TC Supreme/Cable Accessories

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TC Linkz D-TC Supreme

Cable Accessories

Preserving the signal to ensure a huge and organic soundstage

To deliver the best possible signal this Ansuz TC Linkz D-TC Supreme cable features not less than three silver plated copper conductors. The cable transfers and adds even more noise cancelled signal from the Ansuz PowerBox to the more advanced series of Ansuz cables. More specific, the D2, D-TC2, D-TC Supreme, D-TC Gold signature series. The result is a much more refined authenticity which provides an amazing, more lifelike, holistic musical experience.


Technologies and Components

The Ansuz TC Linkz cables are developed with the aim of preserving the refined signal created in the Ansuz PowerBox to feed the more advanced series of Ansuz cables, prepared for active operation. This is done by using the same core materials as for the Ansuz cable series, which delivers a pure signal flow that unleashes the authentic sound originally intended by the master recording.

Twisted Cable

Qualified mechanical stability.

To ensure greater mechanical stability, Ansuz twists the cables.


Carefully matched signal handling.

The conductors consist of four wires, each made with shielded silver-plated copper.






Standard length 1 m
39,4 Inches
Termination Mini Jack