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Arcam SA30

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Class G Intelligent Integrated Amplifier

The SA30 is a streaming integrated amplifier offering an impressive 120W of Class G amplification for impeccable sound, control and efficiency. Featuring Dirac Live, state-of-the-art room correction technology, and eARC support, the SA30 delivers unparalleled performance with sound quality optimized to its surroundings.


The SA30 is designed with all the latest cutting-edge features - Class G is expertly implemented and, the highest resolution of audio support is presented. Simple streaming is available with a mobile device using the native app of choice via Apple AirPlay2 or Google Chromecast.


  • Class G amplification for impeccable sound
  • and efficiency
  • 120W of power per channel into 8Ω, 220W into 4Ω
  • 5 analogue inputs including switchable MM/MC PHONO
  • input
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 1 ARC input
  • GoogleCast, AirPlay 2, uPnP Streamer
  • Roon endpoint
  • MQA supported
  • 3 Dirac EQ profiles (input assignable)
  • 32-bit DAC,Sabre ESS9038K2M
  • Full I/P control including Control4 and Crestron
  • Total harmonic distortion + noise = 0.002%


Arcam SA30 review - Read More

"It goes without some of the luxuries often adopted by modern streaming products – a fancy display, touch controls and fleshed-out dedicated app, for example – and ultimately, is outclassed by the class-leading competition when it comes to rhythmic ability. But the SA30 responds with a mature openness and clarity, and if that’s how you like your music, you won’t regret making it the heart of your system." - What Hi-Fi?


Arcam SA30 - Read More

"Forward-thinking in terms of features, yet maintaining Arcam’s traditional approach to design and build, the SA30 will please both brand loyalists and newcomers. Ostensibly a step up from the SA20, it’s so much more, adding streaming compatibility to purposeful Class G power and icing the cake with game-changing room correction. Not as smart-looking as some, but smart where it counts " Hi-Fi Choice

Arcam SA 30 Review - Read More

"The delicate workmanship foun in the Arcam SA 30 and its bulging package of equipment then finally ensure that the field of serious competitors remains manageable. Truly, a worthy winner of the EISA award!." - Michael Lang 


Arcam SA30 Integrated Amplifier-DAC - Read More

"For $3300, the Arcam SA30 provides excellent performance as a conventional integrated amplifier-DAC. It also includes Dirac Live room correction, streaming capabilities, and high-quality phono stage and headphone output. There isn’t another product I know of at this price point that does as much, or sounds as good while doing it. Of course, you could always spend more to get slightly better performance or more luxurious build quality, but the SA30 is probably the best value for a streaming integrated amplifier-DAC available today." - Roger Kanno


Arcam SA30 Network Streaming System - Read More

"Arcam carries a heavy burden in the time of streaming. It has to appeal to its extremely traditional core audience while having to move its products forward. That’s an almost impossible balancing act (in many ways: the use of a basic display, vs. the hi-tech benefits of Dirac, for example), but one at which Arcam performs well. While such a balancing act could conceivably take the gloss off the Arcam SA30 experience – there’s plenty of gloss on it in the first place." - Simon Lucas


Arcam SA30 Integrated Amplifier Review - Read More

"The thing is though, the SA30 is not a great amp because it’s an impressive technical endeavour. It’s a great amp because at its heart, it’s a great amp. Strip away the Dirac, the networking, even the digital inputs and, at the core is an amp that consistently satisfies. To this, Arcam has added cleverness that augments the basic qualities, rather than covering for a lack of them. It’s not perfect; there’s a few wobbles to the core software and, in a benign room for someone who already owns source equipment, the Nait XS3 is a smidge better but this is an amp that does a vast swathe of things and does them brilliantly. This is everything that an Arcam should be; a clear successor to the innovative, user friendly all rounders that so appealed in the early years of my interest in the world of Hi-Fi. This tremendous return to form is therefore, an easy Best Buy." -  Ed Selley


Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz ± 1dB
Nominal Sensitivity 1V
Input Impedance 10kΩ
Power output both channels driven 120W into 8Ω, 220W into 4Ω
Maximum Input 6Vrms
Signal/Noise ratio (A-wtd) 50W, ref. 1V input 120dB
Mains Voltage 110-120V or 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 800W
Dimensions W x H x D (including feet, control knob and speaker terminals) 433x100x323mm
Weight 12kg
Packaged Weight 14kg