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Aurender MC10

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Reference Grade Rubidium-Based 10MHz Master Clock Generator

Precision Time-Keeping, Without Complication

With MC10, Aurender is proud to introduce a master clock solution that retains the primary performance benefit of MC20, and brings exceptional value to the market. In fact, MC10 delivers exactly the same essential performance and benefits as its predecessor but at a much more accessible price point. Aurender has achieved this by removing the dual OCXO word clock modules and associated interface technology, which only work effectively with an extremely limited number of DACs (dCS). In retaining the rubidium-module-based 10MHz master clock generator, power supply structure, and vibration mitigation, MC10 retains 100% of the applicable performance benefits of MC20 in the vast majority of product-pairing scenarios.
MC10 features 4 x 10 MHz master clock outputs, including 2 x 75Ω and 2 x 50Ω. This configuration of outputs pairs well with select DACs, word clocks, and Aurender models with a clock input (N20, N30SA, W20/SE, and AP20). Connecting a clock signal output from MC10 to your Aurender alone can significantly improve the performance of the already ultra-low-jitter digital audio output. Experience the soundstage snap into focus, creating a clear and distinct image of a piano-shaped object, instead of hearing stray notes leaping out from discrete speaker drivers.
Elevate your digital audio experience to the pinnacle of performance by simultaneously connecting one of MC10’s outputs to a compatible DAC (Esoteric, CH Precision), or word clock (dCS Vivaldi) that accepts 10MHz master clock input.



Key Features

Rubidium 10 MHz Clock Module

The rubidium clock module employed in the MC10 is an exceptionally stable and accurate design that establishes a new low level of phase noise and jitter. Its flawless performance delivers a new level of vivid clarity with a three-dimensional width, depth, and height to the sound field it creates. The reduction of jitter and phase noise removes any trace of “digital glare,” and instead provides an analog-style warmth and naturalism to any digital audio source.



Connectivity & Compatibility

MC10 is compatible with any Aurender digital source component with a CLOCK INPUT. This includes models N20, W20, W20SE, N30SA, and AP20. Connect MC10 to an Aurender source + a DAC with 10MHz clock input for maximum benefit. However, even if your DAC does not have a clock input, synchronizing your Aurender transport with MC20 is still a revelation in timbral and spatial accuracy.


10MHz Master Clock Output Rubidium Master Clock: 10MHz 2ea. (75Ω), 2ea. (50Ω), 0.7Vrms (±10%)
Phase Noise(Rubidium) < -130dBc / Hz (10 Hz)
< -140dBc / Hz (100 Hz)
Freq. Short-term Stability (Rubidium) <2×10⁻¹¹ (1 s)
<1×10⁻¹¹ (10 s)
<2×10⁻¹² (100 s)
Phase Noise < -130dB/Hz (10Hz)
< -140dB/Hz (100Hz)
Size (WxHxD) 430 x 87 x 370 mm
16.9 x 3.4 x 14.6 inch
Weight 12.9kg, 28.4lbs
Input Voltage ​110V / 220V
Power Consumption Standby: 5.7W / Power On: Start Warm-up (95W Max), State Lock (30W Max)