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Axxess L1 Loudspeaker

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Axxess L1

Stand Mounted Loudspeaker

Elevating Audio Excellence

The Axxess L1 stand mounted loudspeaker is developed and designed by the Børresen engineering team led by Michael Børresen and accompanied by Flemming Erik Rasmussen. The speaker is developed with the same overall criteria in terms of sound and design philosophy as Børresen loudspeakers.

Technologies and Components

Axxess Membrane

The Axxess loudspeaker membrane is designed inhouse by our skilled engineers and is developed to achieve maximum stiffness with minimum noise. The Axxess membrane consists of three skins laminated into a single unit: two layers of spread carbon fiber, with a layer of aramid honeycomb spacers in between.

Axxess Magnet System

In the Axxess loudspeaker magnet motor system, we use double copper caps on the pole rings to achieve high flux and low inductance. We have adopted the use of copper caps from the Børresen X-series. The meticulous engineering of our bass midrange ensures that you experience music with exceptional clarity and depth.




The Axxess ribbon tweeter

The membrane in the Axxess ribbon tweeter is in Kapton – which is a very lightweight material. Compared to a dome tweeter it is 25 times lighter and due to the ribbon tweeter principle, the area is two times bigger. Our ribbon tweeter technology ensures a more immersive listening experience, bringing you closer to the music.




Axxess L cabinet

The Axxess L speakers’ cabinet and baffle are made of natural based composite material. This material choice is an important characteristic and is designed to eliminate sonic distortion, allowing you to fully appreciate the music in its purest form.





The Axxess stand

The Axxess L1 speaker stand is like the cabinet also made of natural based composite material. The Axxess L1 stand incorporates both functional and visual elements inspired by both Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen, which has a positive influence on the aesthetic expression, but also on the performance of the speaker.







Speaker without stand (H x W x D) 43 x 21,5 x 32 cm
16,9 x 8,3 x 12,6 inches
Weight 10,3 kg
22,7 lbs
Speaker with stand (H x W x D) 71 x 29,5 x 39 cm
28 x 11,4 x 15,4 inches
Weight 10,8 kg
23,8 lbs


Frequency response 50Hz – 22kHz
Sensitivity 86 dB /1W
>6 Ohm
Recommended Amplifier 50W
1 x Tweeter Axxess planar ribbon tweeter
1 x Driver Axxess bass/midrange driver: 4.5 inches
Finish Black or white painted satin