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Ansuz Digitalz Lan D-TC Supreme/Ethernet Cable

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Digitalz D–TC Supreme

Ethernet Cable

World-class performer in signal transmission

The Ansuz Digitalz Ethernet D-TC Supreme is the ultimate ethernet cable. Equipped with Ansuz most sophisticated and most advanced noise reduction technologies this cable is a world-class, top-of-the-line signal cable. Ultra-fine, authentic and natural resolution of the entire sound spectrum from the very high pitch to the deepest bass opens up a new dimension of musicality and creates a jaw-dropping holistic soundstage that defies any further description.

Technologies and Components

Cutting edge technologies.

Ansuz develops and manufactures cables based on advanced, cutting edge technologies. Ansuz cables deliver a pure signal flow that unleashes the authentic sound originally intended by the master recording. To achieve this, it is imperative to lower resistance, curb induction and reduce noise floor to a minimum. The more advanced the cable series, the more refined and sophisticated the implemented technologies, and the more transparent, holistic and authentic the resulting soundstage.




4×2 PCS

Passive end coils Active cable Tesla coils Twisted pair



Golden connection.

The connectors are made of gold-plated pure copper.

Conductors Ethernet

Carefully tuned signal handling.

Conductors consist of eight wires, each made of shielded, silver-plated copper.






The Tesla coil principle

The key operating principle of the Ansuz Tesla coil is to have two coils wound in opposite directions – one coil and one counter coil. In Ansuz words, this is called “A double inverted coil”. The two coils both carry voltage, and when one of the Tesla coils encounters a voltage spike, a counter spike is activated to eliminate the noise. Since noise spikes are pure voltage carrying virtually no charge, the cancelation is quite good, but not perfect. Adding more Tesla coils in parallel, increases the noise cancellation and the perceived blackness in the music increases significantly along with the purity and clarity of the sound. Ansuz uses various types of Tesla coils, as their individual properties ideally complement and reinforce each other.


Passive end coil technology

Noise control.

The passive end coil prevents noise in bleeding into the audio components. The Tesla coil is mounted just before the connector and when the Tesla coils encounters a voltage spike, a counter spike is activated to eliminate the noise.





Passive cable Tesla coils

Airborne noise elimination.

The passive cable Tesla coil is wound around the outer part of the cable and protects the cable from absorbing disturbing airborne RF noise. This noise is absorbed in the Tesla coil and eliminated in the counter coil. When voltage flows through the cable’s conductor, which is wound in the opposite direction, it operates as this counter coil, which eliminates the RF noise.


Active cable Tesla coil

Active anti aerial protection.

The active cable Tesla coil is wound directly on the outer part of the cable and protects the signal from absorbing the airborne RF noise. This noise is absorbed in the Tesla coil. The active version is about three to four times more efficient than the Passive cable Tesla coil.




Chromed steel housing – Beautiful strong surface

The housing is made of metal and chromatized with in-house made laser engravings.






Ansuz charged dielectric

Redirects electrical charge.

To provide the best possible signal transmission, Ansuz has implemented this technology in all of its most exclusive series. The idea behind this innovative concept is to electrically charge the insulating layer, which is made of Teflon. Teflon is one of the strongest dielectric materials and ensures the creation of an internal electric field, which makes it possible now to obtain the same charge at a lower voltage.



Twisted Pair

Twisted pair cabling is a type of wiring in which two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together. Compared to a single conductor or an untwisted balanced pair, a twisted pair reduces electromagnetic radiation from the pair and crosstalk between neighboring pairs and improves rejection of external electromagnetic interference. For additional noise immunity, the twisted-pair is shielded individually.





Ansuz Acoustics Digitalz D-TC Supreme, Mainz D2 and Darkz D-TC Supreme - Read More

"At the end of the report on the PowerSwitch, I was firmly convinced that it marked the end of the road as far as sound goes. I was wrong about that. The combination of cables, switch and mechanical elements from the Ansuz portfolio produced clear synergies. In companies, the PowerSwitch has reached new heights in sound. But it doesn’t actually make much sense to highlight a single component: I think that Ansuz Acoustics solution for signal distribution via Ethernet is simply unique!" - Dirk Sommer


Standard length 2 m
78,7 inches
Termination RJ45


Ethernet Cable Technology Table

  Ansuz Digitalz X2 /Ethernet cable
Ansuz Digitalz A2 / Ethernet cable Ansuz Digitalz D2 / Ethernet cable Ansuz Digitalz D-TC2 / Ethernet cable Ansuz Digitalz D-TC Supreme / Ethernet cable
Passive end coil techn… 1×70 cm 2×70 cm 2×70 cm 2×70 cm 2×70 cm
Conductors 8+12 shielded, silver plated copper 8+24 shielded, silver plated copper 8+24 shielded. silver plated copper 8+24 shielded, silver plated copper 8+24 shielded, silver plated copper
Connector Gold plated
Gold plated Gold plated Gold plated Gold plated
Housing Chromed steel Chromed steel Chromed steel Chromed steel Chromed steel
Twisted Pair 4×2 4×2 4×2 4×2 4×2
Passive cable Tesla coil 1×148 cm 1×148 cm
1×148 cm
Active cabel Tesla coil 4×49 cm 4×49 cm 8×70 cm
Ansuz PowerBox Connection Possible upgrade Required Required
Charged dielectric tec… - -