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Børresen M3 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

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Børresen M3 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Elegant design and outstanding audio

The M3 speakers are the perfect blend of form and function, which reflects the excellent and highly productive partnership between two great minds in the audio industry – Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen. The sleek and elegant design of these speakers, combined with their outstanding audio performance, makes them a testament to Audio Group Denmark’s commitment to audio excellence.


Technologies and Components

When designing the Børresen M series loudspeakers, Børresen’ s overriding goal was to challenge existing technological constraints and pioneer into new and unorthodox realms of audio technology. This comprises the absolutely new design of loudspeaker components, finding effective ways to fight resonance and vibrations, and searching for materials that provide the ultimate properties to elevate the sound quality to unprecedented new level.

The basket – A real revolution

Zirconium, topology-optimized and 3D printed
The basket is a real revolution – it is a topology-optimized 3D-printed basket made of zirconium, which ensures maximum rigidity and thus minimum vibration and resonance.

The basket is not just a placeholder for the membrane. The energy generated by the membrane is also held by the structure behind it. The goal was therefore to eliminate the noise of the basket by designing a basket with maximum stiffness. Studies were conducted using computer-optimized finite element designs, resulting in a topology-optimized 3D-printed basket made of the exclusive material zirconium.

Børresen has not only designed a basket with extreme stiffness, but also added important factors such as tremendous internal damping and resonance control, resulting in extreme clarity in overall performance. Thanks to the 3D printing process, the cavities are filled with zirconium powder, which gives the basket additional damping properties. Zirconium is by far the best choice of material, since it allows the basket to generate an inconceivable quality of natural sound.

M series membrane – Bass/midrange

Maximum stiffness with minimum noise.
The membrane is designed to achieve maximum stiffness with minimum noise. The membrane for the M1 is the most advanced and sophisticated speaker membrane on the market. The M1 membrane has the highest stiffness and the lowest membrane resonance. The technological requirements for this unrivalled, world-class membrane performance made it necessary to design, develop and assemble all components in-house. Michael Børresen and his team had to construct a large number of different variants and models until they accomplished their uncompromising goal of ultimate membrane performance for an unprecedented sound quality.

The result is a membrane that consists of four skins laminated into a single unit: two layers of spread tow carbon fiber, a layer of aramid honeycomb spacers in between, and a titanium skin with Ansuz Supreme coating.

The combination of all these materials gives this state-of-the- art membrane its unique properties. Spread tow carbon fiber is designed to ensure a skin with optimum stiffness in many different directions. This unique characteristic reduces sound disturbing vibrations and resonances to an unprecedentedly low level. This is also true for resonances in the frequency range above 8 kHz. Since the membrane/driver is used up to the 2.5 kHz range, disturbing resonances have been shifted two octaves outside the effective frequency range, ensuring an absolute minimum of resonances.

The aramid honeycomb also has the best stiffness to weight ratio in the vertical direction.

Titanium has perfect resonance control properties and supports a natural, organic sound of the membrane. With the Ansuz Supreme coating, the skin of the membrane is further acoustically optimized. This coating is applied to the titanium skin in a Hi-PIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) machine to create the finest and most uniform layer of zirconium, followed by a layer of tungsten and finished with a layer of aluminum chrome nitride. This coating provides the music with a truly impeccable sound quality.

Magnet system – Bass/midrange

The Silver Supreme Edition in the M Series.
The patented Børresen iron-free magnetic system has been further refined. Børresen uses iron-free drivers in all its loudspeakers. Their inductance is about ten times lower than that of conventional drivers. This exceptionally low inductance has now been even further reduced to an unprecedented new minimum level – about 12 times lower than the inductance level of conventional, iron-based drivers. Here is how we achieved this: Since silver has 6-8% better conductivity than copper, we replaced the copper pole rings with in-house manufactured, handcrafted silver rings.

To take full advantage of all the performance-enhancing audio properties of the Børresen M series, all other metal components of these premium speakers also undergo cryogenic treatment. This reduces their inductance by another 6-8%.
The result is absolute musical purity. With their unadulterated authenticity of musical reproduction, these premium loudspeakers set a new and unsurpassed standard – clarity, refinement, and sound staging at its very best.

Cryogenic process

Extreme treatment, huge improvement.
Cryogenic treatment of all metal components of the loudspeaker results in a further significant improvement in conductivity – unleashing the finest and most subtle musical details. When metal components undergo cryogenic processing, they are subjected to extreme cooling. In the wake of this process, the crystal structure of the metal contracts more and more. Alloying elements are pushed out of the grain structure of the metal, which now becomes very similar to a monocrystal. These structural changes in the metal have a profound effect on its audio properties, resulting in an increase of conductivity by 6-8%.

All metal components of these speaker series undergo cryogenic treatment. The cryogenic processing cycle requires a 3-day-time window. Within the first 24 hours, the metal undergoes a cooling process from room temperature to cryogenic temperatures. During the second 24 hours, the metal parts are held at temperatures around -196°C (-321°F) before the temperature, within the next 24 hours, returns gradually to room temperature. The gradual cooling and heating are critical to avoid any thermal stress. The process strengthens and compresses the grain structure of the metal components and reduces inherent residual stress that occurs when the metal solidifies from its liquid phase to a solid phase.

The Børresen tweeter 

Exceptional efficiency.
Elaborate finite element methods have been applied to linearize and optimize the magnetic flux field, to facilitate driver movement, and to ensure high efficiency and outstanding linearity.

The efficiency of this closed ribbon tweeter amounts to an exceptional 94dB and operates from approximately 2.5 kHz upwards. The moving mass is extremely low at 0.01 grams. The totally concealed tweeter has the capacity to operate at an incredible speed, which is an absolute prerequisite to unlocking the most subtle and refined sound details of any kind of music. The enormous robustness of this tweeter allows it to handle extremely high transient peaks without any ear-fatiguing breakups. No transformers are being used.

Crossover M series 

Serial configuration, coherent system.
Børresen loudspeakers are fitted with a serial crossover configuration. The reason for this is that the drivers share the very same flow of electric current in the crossover region. As a result, the electric current is phase-locked over the crossover region. Unlike standard parallel filtering, where each driver receives its own frequency and phase content, the new serial filters work by diverting out-of-band currents around the current flows, thus creating a much more coherent system. This unrivaled and innovative technological approach takes your music into a new echelon of acoustic delight.

For the crossover filter, we went to great lengths to source the very best and most sophisticated state-of-the-art components. The coils are foil types wound with paper isolation and impregnated with resin under vacuum to make them mechanically extremely solid and stable.

For crossover capacitors, we use arrays of small military spec stack-foil types. They have the best mechanical stability and lowest induction of any type of capacitor on the market (and they sound wonderful, too).

For tweeter attenuation resistors, we use metal strip types since they have, by far, the lowest noise figures and additionally, a very low thermal variation.

M cabinet – Perfect blend of form and function

The Børresen M3 and M6 loudspeakers are an impressive example of Audio Group Denmark’s commitment to creating aesthetic design that enhances musical performance. A distinctive feature of the cabinet design is the recess on the back, which has a curved shape. This design element is inspired by the Børresen speaker stand and adds an additional touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic of the speaker.

The base of the speaker has been specially prepared for Ansuz Darkz, a technology that helps to better control resonance. This attention to detail not only improves the speaker’s sound quality, but also adds to its visual appeal.

Overall, the M3 and M6 speakers are the perfect blend of form and function, which reflects the excellent and highly productive partnership between two great minds in the audio industry – Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen. The sleek and elegant design of these speakers, combined with their outstanding audio performance, makes them a testament to Audio Group Denmark’s commitment to audio excellence.

Internal M cabinet – Enhances the balance

The larger cabinet has also improved the ventilation behind the bass/midrange drivers. This provides less compression and thus a much faster and more agile speaker driver, which has a significantly positive impact on the overall sound image. Furthermore, the bass speaker drivers are equipped with a bass reflex section inside the cabinet, which ensures a dynamic and harmonious balance between midrange and bass.

The M3 driver configuration 

The M3 is equipped with 4 unique 4.5″ M-series speaker drivers. These drivers are connected in series in pairs so that one pair acts as a bass/midrange and another pair acts as a bass speaker driver. This approach ultimately results in increased speed, precision, and depth, which enriches the speaker with much more musicality.


The M3 and M6 are both offering the option of bi-amping, allowing you to feed the bass and midrange/treble sections individually. This not only provides sufficient power to each section, but also results in a cleaner, more precise sound.

These loudspeakers have been designed with two types of bi-amping in mind. The first is speaker crossover bi-amping. The frequency between the bass section and the midrange/treble section is optimized, in accordance with the M3 and M6 design, so that it provides best performance.

The second option is active crossover bi-amping, where you can adjust the crossover frequency yourself. This type of crossover is the optimal solution for fine-tuning your speakers according to your listening room’s acoustical properties, allowing you to control the amount of bass and the balance between the bass and midrange/treble. To further enhance your listening experience, Børresen’s sister company, Aavik Acoustics, has developed a high-end Analog Active filter that works seamlessly with these new speaker models, providing the ultimate in precision and clarity.

Internal wiring- Ansuz Gold Signature 

The internal wiring of the M1 speaker consists of Ansuz’s flagship cables, the Ansuz Gold Signature series. Ansuz Gold Signature cables feature by far the most innovative and most advanced audio cable technology, literally paving the way to an extremely clear, natural, and authentic sonic reproduction. 

The Tesla coil principle 

The principle is to have two coils that are wounded in each direction / a coil and a counter coil. In Ansuz's words: “A double inverted coil” – the two coils are both carrying voltage – and when the Tesla coil encounters a voltage spike a counter spike is activated in order to eliminate the noise. As Noise spikes are pure voltage and carry virtually no charge, the cancelation is quite good, but not 100%. By adding more P-TC coils in parallel the performance increases. By implementing this the perceived blackness in the music improves significantly. Ansuz Tesla coils are available in various types as they complement each other in terms of strengths / weaknesses.

Active square Tesla coils 

Impressive noise reduction.
The active square Tesla coils are embedded in our circuitry boards – one coil on the top and the counter coil on the rear side. The principle is exactly the same as the active Tesla coil and thus a greater ability to eliminate noise than the passive Tesla coils.

Analog dither technology 3rd generation 

A 3rd generation of the Ansuz analog dither technology has been developed. Analog dither technology originated in radar, where it ensured a stronger signal and thus greater range. The active Tesla coils send pulsating signals at precisely defined frequencies. These signals are sent in anti-phase. This significantly amplifies the musical signal and eliminates the background noise floor.

Analysis and studies have led to new options – and a lot of listening has resulted in this 3rd generation design which is a further optimization of the most effective frequencies which opens the soundscape even more and with the tiniest details when it comes to reproduction of the recordings.

Anti-aerial resonance coil technology 

Prevents airborne noise.
All cables and cable screens act like antennas for airborne RF noise which of course is a huge problem. The passive cable Tesla coil is wounded on the external part of the cable and protects the signal from absorbing the airborne RF noise. This noise is absorbed in the Tesla coil.

As there is a voltage running in the conductor itself, and it is wounded in the counter direction – this is used as the counter coil and the RF noise is then eliminated.


Børresen M3 video review ‘The Audio Analyst’ - See video



H x W x D 154 x 42,8 x 72,6 cm
60,6 x 16,8 x 28,5 Inches
68 kg
149,9 lbs
Specifications Frequency response 25Hz – 50KHz
Sensitivity 89 dB /1W
Impedance 8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier >50W
1 x Tweeter Børresen planar ribbon tweeter
4 x Driver Børresen M-series iron free bass/midrange driver: 4.5 inches
Finish Black and White piano lacquer