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Cabasse Rialto Powered Wireless Bookshelf Hi-fi System (pair)

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Cabasse Rialto Powered Wireless Bookshelf Hi-Fi System (pair)

Just add music. A complete audio system, and Cabasse's first in a bookshelf format. With an LCD touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and room correction.

Inspired by the bridge in Venice, the Rialto is an elegant junction between traditional hi-fi and the connected technologies developed over the last 10 years by Cabasse. Two connected active speakers complete with touch control deliver Cabasse's signature bold, dynamic, musical sound.

Driver Synergy

The high-excursion woofers deliver unexpected big, deep bass, using a technology that preserves magnetic field integrity over a very high travel distance of the driver. Cabasse's DEAP technology perfectly integrates electronics and drivers using dynamic signal processing. 

Finally, all of this performance comes together with what is essentially three speakers on the same axis. Cabasse's tri-coaxial technology ensures that highs, mids, and lows come from the same point, vastly improving imaging and realism over conventional designs.

Tactile Control

The main speaker in the Rialto system has a touchscreen on top, allowing for volume control, source selection, radio station programming and more, without having to go through the app. The color LCD screen also displays album artwork, and, as it is standard with Cabasse-connected systems, software updates will add features and make the system ever better.

Room Correction

Rialto comes with a built-in microphone for active room correction, and the Cabasse Control app allows for further settings to get the perfect sound for you. Rialto can be grouped with other Cabasse systems, allowing you to create whole house sound with one control point.


Power Output: 1,050 Wpc

Amplification per Driver
Treble: 300 W RMS / 600 W peak
Midrange: 300 W RMS / 600 W peak
Bass: 450 W RMS / 900 W peak

Frequency Range: 30 – 27,000 Hz

Mid-Tweeter: 5" COAXIAL BClo
Woofer: 6.7" HELD

Network/Wireless: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Hey Google
Inputs: Optical, USB, analog stereo RCA

DAC: 768 kHz, 32 bit

Streaming Services: Qobuz, Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, Web Radio, Napster

Dimensions: 10.2" x 7.9" x 9.4"

Weight: 43 lb