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Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio EVO 150

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EVO 150

All-in-One Player

  • Powerful 150 Watts per channel – capable of driving 2 sets of speakers
  • High-quality ESS SABRE ES9018k2m Reference DAC – for highly accurate & detailed musical performance
  • Integrated MM Phono Stage – for a wide choice of turntables
  • XLR balanced inputs – for connection of high-quality analogue equipment
  • StreamMagic Gen 4 module – for an unparalleled streaming experience
  • Bluetooth aptX HD – for hi-res playback from & to compatible device
  • Multiroom Capability – compatible with Google Home, Apple Airplay and Roon multiroom systems


Tomorrow’s Hi-Fi, Today

With Evo 150, we’ve brought your audio past and present into the future. With outstanding Hypex NCore Class D amplification and our class-leading StreamMagic streaming platform on board, all you need to do is add speakers to enjoy superb high-resolution audio quality from one elegant, discreet box.

And thanks to its suite of digital and analogue inputs, as well as its high-quality digital-to-analogue converter, Evo can be the heart of your hi-fi system for years to come.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

It couldn’t be simpler. Connect Evo 150 to the mains and to your speakers. Open StreamMagic, connect to the network, then fire up your favourite music streaming service. Pick a tune, press play and adjust the volume to suit. When you're ready, you can dig deeper to set Evo 150 up just how you want it, adding functionality as you go.

StreamMagic App

Our StreamMagic app offers full control of Evo, plus access to the world’s most popular and high-resolution music streaming services. It’s clear, logical and stable – so Evo will do precisely what you want. Alternatively, you may prefer to use the app of your favourite streaming service. Evo's ready for you to listen whichever way you choose.

Connectivity to Suit Your Needs

Thanks to its suite of digital and analogue inputs, including a built-in phono stage, Evo can be the heart of your system – add a turntable, say, or EVO CD. Video sources can play too, just connect your TV’s HDMI output to Evo’s ARC input. No matter where your music comes from, Evo 150's ready for it.

Bluetooth Convenience. Hi-Res Sound Quality

Often, nothing’s more convenient than streaming via Bluetooth. Evo takes it to the max with Bluetooth aptX HD, which offers wireless, high-definition music streaming from compatible devices – including our Alva turntables. And because Evo also transmits with Bluetooth aptX HD, it's perfect for private listening on compatible Hi-Res wireless headphones.

Made By Music

Evo 150 uses the best audio components, such as the ESS SABRE ES9018k2m Reference DAC. And then we bring every one of our 55+ years of audio know-how to bear. The result is a performance that celebrates the talent of musicians and producers – one that retains the original raw emotive power and detail.



Complete Control

Evo is intuitive and straightforward to operate, no matter if you’re using its supplied remote control, our simple yet thorough StreamMagic app, or its physical controls – including the large dual-concentric dial on the unit’s fascia.

Neat and Easy Placement

At 317mm wide, roughly the size of a vinyl album sleeve, Evo will sit neatly where you need it to. But thanks to its award-winning design and all-around good looks, it really deserves to be centre stage.

Great for Record Lovers

If you want to connect a turntable, Evo 150's built-in phono stage makes it perfect for decks with with moving magnet cartridges, but no integral pre-amp. That's on top of Bluetooth compatibility with our own Alva turntables.



A New Life for CD

Available separately, Evo CD is the compact disc transport developed to exclusively partner Evo all-in-one players. It shares the same eye-catching design, is crafted from the same premium materials and is engineered to the same exacting standards. Evo CD extracts every piece of musical detail from your discs, then passes it seamlessly to Evo. Your CD collection is now set to join the hi-fi evolution.

Designed to Thrill, Built to Last

Evo’s confident sound, timeless looks and premium materials mean that you’ve found your new long-term musical partner – bringing pleasure to both your ears and eyes for many years to come.


Cambridge Audio Evo 150 Streaming Integrated Amplifier - Read More

"There’s a cliched idea in the hi-fi world that one product can’t do everything well. To get supreme quality, we need multiple shiny boxes with snake-nests of cables dangling between them. I’ll admit, I’m a many-boxes fan. But the Evo 150 has certainly changed my mind, and I’d argue that it proves progress is happening (and progress is good) and that one device is easily capable of handling multiple tasks, from analog to digital. Its Class D amplifier doesn’t sound like ye-olde-Class-D, and its versatility isn’t a hindrance but a boon to any decently connected music lover. It has a great DAC, a myriad of inputs, plenty of streaming options, and on final listening, it sounds great. It’s the sort of box that could anchor a new system or replace an aging one. And frankly, in all the time I used the Evo as my primary driver, I never felt the need to swap it out. That says a lot. If you’re in the market for an all-in-one streaming integrated, the Evo 150 is the place to start." - Muse Kastanovich

Cambridge Audio Evo 75 and Evo 150 Elegantly Simplify Hi-Fi - Read More

"The $2,250 Cambridge Audio Evo 75 (or $3,000 Evo 150) is an expensive proposition, since you’ll still need to add a pair of speakers to begin listening. But if you’re looking for the easiest and most elegant entryway into the realm of audiophile level performance without having to worry about deciphering the deep ocean of terminology, specs and options out there – or worrying about the room to house a system – this all-in-one streaming audio system really does make a convincing argument that subtractive simplicity can be sublime." - Gregory Han

Cambridge Audio Evo 150 review - Read More

"Partnered with a pair of speakers, the Cambridge Audio Evo 150 is a capable and talented all-in-one system – one of the most exhaustively featured, best looking and highly intuitive examples of its kind. That’s complemented by a performance that, while not class-leading in every area, still makes a compelling case for choosing a simple system such as this over a set-up of separates.

The Evo 150 may not have spoken to van der Rohe and his minimal, "skin and bones" approach, but it will surely find fans in this convenience-led age." - What Hi-Fi?

Cambridge Audio EVO 150 streaming integrated amplifier - Read More

"The EVO 150 changed my opinion about streaming's potential and also about class-D amplification. Both technologies may still have a ways to go before they're universally embraced by the audiophile community, but the EVO did something I didn't expect going into this review: It made me care about streamed music. It made me want to stream, to check out streaming libraries, to compare hi-rez files, to find new music to play on my big hi-fi. The EVO turned streaming into a central listening activity and, in doing so, instilled in my belief system a new dictate that I have Cambridge to thank for: When streaming is done right, as it is in the EVO 150, it deserves a place at the big table alongside the LP and CD (both of which the EVO can play, with the appropriate transport of course). " - Robert Schryer

Cambridge Audio EVO 150 All-in-One Player - Read More

"The EVO 150 ($3000) is, no doubt, an audiophile gem in terms of performance, but philosophically it won’t suit every audiophile. This is a music lover’s solution. It’s a set it and forget it product that may not be exciting to some hardware focused hobbyists. With that understood, those considering the piece are sure to be impressed. It offers a direct path towards musical enlightenment, avoiding unnecessary distractions along the way. My expectations were thoroughly exceeded. Very highly recommended. " - Maxwell Geiger

Cambridge Audio Evo 150 Review - Read More

"Easy to like and hard to fault is how I would describe this little box of tricks. It punches well above its price for sound quality and outright power and also really looks and feels the part too. It's certainly an interesting statement of intent from a company that seems to be very much on the front foot right now. So if you're in the market for a do-it-all small system, this is an essential audition." - DAVID PRICE


Cambridge Audio Evo 150 - Read More

"The Cambridge Audio Evo 150 is a fine piece of equipment and sums up the progress of the last ten years in the HiFi industry. High-quality sound married with a slick control interface, this is as good as it gets." - Simon Wilce


Cambridge Evo 150 Review - Read More

"You can't really go on vacation at the moment anyway, and THIS would be an alternative to reward yourself. You can tell that Cambridge knows its competitors' products and knows where the company wants to position itself. A milestone for Cambridge Audio, but also more than appealing to all potential customers. Remarkable. Truly remarkable. It will stay here for now. " - Tom Frantzen


Cambridge Audio Evo 150 Streaming DAC/Amplifier - Read More

"Compact, stylish and impeccably engineered – Cambridge Audio's absurdly capable little streaming amplifier performs like a far bigger system that successfully bursts out of its diminutive frame. It'll do everything you want when it comes to network audio, is flexible when it comes to system integration, and best of all is a delight to use thanks to that StreamMagic platform. A firm 'must listen', this one." - James Parker


Cambridge Audio EVO 150 Review: THIS Is The Best Streaming Integrated Amplifier Under $5000! - Read More

"When Cambridge Audio announced the EVO series, they promised a device that was “simple to use, thrilling to listen to” and one with “rich dynamics, huge scale, and complete control”. Well, there’s no doubt, with the Cambridge Audio EVO 150 they have hit the nail on the head. I tried so hard to find something wrong with this all-in-one device, and man it was darn near impossible." - Paul Cash


Cambridge Audio EVO 150 First Look Review: This All-In-One Integrated Amplifier and Music Streamer Is A Knockout! - Read More

"From my first listen, using a pair of Triangle Borea BR08 floorstanding speakers, I was impressed at how clean and refined the Evo 150 sounded. Tonal balance was outstanding. The treble was smooth, the mids were clear, and the bass was really well controlled.
The soundstage was open and airy, and imaging was sharp. However, as sharp as everything was, I felt like the BR08s weren’t giving me all the depth this amp was capable of. I’m looking forward to hearing what it can do with even better speakers! Stay tuned for my full review!" - Paul Cash


Great Scott! Cambridge Audio has released a DeLorean themed version of its Evo 150 streaming amp - Read More

"The VU display was a sought after feature from users, according to Cambridge Audio, and offers something different for those who don’t want to display current track and album artwork info, which is the default option. The design of the VU display mimics the dials of amps from years gone by and reminds us of the speed dials in the iconic DMC-12 time machine. It's a thoughtful retro feature that'll likely look great on all Cambridge Audio Evo devices. " - James Davidson


Cambridge Audio EVO 150: Review - Read More

"De EVO 150 van Cambridge Audio is een schot in de roos. Niet alleen biedt de all-in-one alle aansluitingen die je hartje begeert, de vormgeving is ook heel erg mooi met een schitterend LCD-scherm erbovenop. Dat er MQA ondersteuning is, is een mooie bonus. De app en afstandsbediening zijn bij de beste van de klas. Met de ondersteunde formaten zit je kwalitatief ‘gebeiteld’ voor een ‘foreseeable future’. Blijven dan nog de prijs, hoog maar terecht, en wat de lange termijn ondersteuning van de app op toekomstige smartphone versies zal zijn. Maar deze laatste opmerking geldt natuurlijk ook voor zijn concurrenten."


Review: Cambridge Audio Evo 150 - Read More

"If you are looking for a compact-sized amplifier, either for interior decortation or space reasons, then the Cambridge Audio Evo 150 is one of the best you can buy in this class. Yes, it costs a lot, but then it delivers a sound image so large and airy, and at the same time with excellent weight in the deep bass, that you think it is a full-grown amplifier.

Though, if you do have accomodation for a full size amplifier, then there are several out there for the same price that beats the Cambridge on raw power. But the overall package here is so good, with so many features and connections, and with such a good sound, that we can do nothing but give it a full pot. Well deserved! " - Geir Nordby


Cambridge Audio Evo 150 Streaming Integrated Amplifier Review - Read More

"Cambridge Audio's Evo 150 streaming integrated amplifier is a huge success by any measure. It's compact yet has a very powerful amplifier, is jam packed with features, and offers killer customizable looks. It also sounded fantastic with every speaker I paired it with. Its headphone output may be sonically uninspired, but it should satisfy casual listeners, and there's always aptX HD Bluetooth output to rely on. You could ask for more for $3,000, but as they say, "Good luck with that." " - Howard Kneller 





POWER OUTPUT 150W into 8 Ohms
AMPLIFICATION Class-D Hypex Ncore®
DAC ESS Sabre ES9018K2M
ANALOGUE AUDIO INPUTS 1 x RCA, 1 x balanced XLR, 1 x Moving Magnet Phonostage
DIGITAL AUDIO INPUTS 2 x TOSLINK optical, 1 x S/PDIF coaxial, 1 x TV ARC, Bluetooth (integrated), USB Audio
USB AUDIO INPUT USB Type B conforming to USB Audio Class 1 or USB Audio Class 2 (user selectable)
BLUETOOTH 4.2 A2DP/AVRCP supporting SBC, aptX and aptX HD codecs
COMPATIBILITY TOSLINK optical: 16/24bit 32-96kHz PCM only S/PDIF coaxial: 16/24bit 32-192kHz PCM only USB Audio Class 1: Up to 24-bit 96kHz (asynchronous) USB Audio Class 2: Up to 24-bit 384kHz (asynchronous) and up to DSD 256 Bluetooth: 4.2 A2DP/AVRCP supporting up to aptX HD (24bit 48kHz) UPnP, Local USB media, Airplay 2, Chromecast built-in, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, MQA, Qobuz, Roon Ready, ARC: 16/24bit 32-192kHz PCM only, Deezer
OUTPUTS Speakers A+B, 3.5mm headphone, Preamp Output, Subwoofer Output, Bluetooth: 4.2 A2DP/AVRCP supporting up to aptX HD
ETHERNET IEEE 802.3, 10 Base-T or 100 Base-T
WI-FI Dual Band 2.4/5gHz
DIMENSIONS 317 x 89 x 352mm
WEIGHT 5.3 kg
IN THE BOX Evo 150 All-in-One player, Quick Start Guide, Safety Guide, Mains Lead, Remote Control, 2 x AAA Batteries, Customisable Side Panels x 2