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Chord Electronics

Chord Mojo 2

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Mojo 2 is the most advanced DAC/headphone amplifier in the world. A What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year winner, Mojo 2 uses unique British technology for class-leading sound quality

Mojo 2 is the most advanced DAC/headphone amplifier in the world. It plays your favourite music with class-leading detail and clarity, right up to studio-grade levels. 



The British designed, engineered and built Mojo 2 is the most advanced portable DAC and headphone amplifier in the world.

Distinctly different from all other devices, the What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year-winning Mojo 2 uses proprietary British digital audio technology perfected over more than two decades, coupled to a powerful ‘FPGA’ processor.

The result is class-leading sound quality both on the move or at home, with the power to effortlessly drive any headphones. For music just as the artist intended, Mojo 2 brings you closer to the music than any other portable.




Unrivalled digital audio processing; powerful 'FPGA' technology


Additional USB-C data input for fast data-transfer


Fully transparent 'Ultra HD' digital signal processing EQ, tailoring the sound to you


Take Mojo 2 wireless when adding the Poly streamer/server (1 TB+)


Proudly made in Britain from aircraft-grade aluminium. Anodised, bead-blasted, precision CNC milled. Jett black finish.


For more than 25 years, Chord Electronics has exclusively used powerful programmable (FPGA) circuits with custom coding to provide the most advanced digital-to-analogue conversion performance in the world. With digital audio technologies perfected over two decades, Mojo 2 contains more digital audio know-how than any other small DAC, resulting in unrivalled sound quality, all backed by peerless technical measurements from the lab.


Completely compatible with our wireless streamer/player module Poly, for wireless streaming, control and playback

A Coaxial input
B USB-C input
C Micro-USB input
D Micro-USB charging input
E Optical input
F Charge status LED
G Menu button (new)
H Volume down/menu '-'
I Volume up/menu '+'
J Power button
K Headphone outputs (2x 3.5mm)


Mojo 2 offers several ways to connect to digital devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, and benefits from two 3.5 mm headphone outputs, meaning two can listen simultaneously. Digital inputs include fast-transfer USB-C, Micro-USB, optical and coaxial, with charging via a separate dedicated Micro-USB input.

Mojo’s polychromatic light-up buttons offer simple control with an additional visual guide to the device’s settings. A new menu button offers navigation through a new range of features, including the all-important completely transparent UHD DSP function.


Improved FPGA: more resolution, power and efficiency
New menu function
'UHD' DSP: Advanced EQ
Improved battery: FPGA-controlled management plus improved capacity
Improved WTA filtering: 40 DSP cores for better transparency and lower noise
High-speed USB-C input
Two 3.5 mm headphone outputs
Wireless-ready - simply add the Poly streamer/server
768kHz Micro USB Input
Separate Micro USB Charging
768kHz Coax Input via Jack
96kHz Optical Input
Supports 800Ω Headphones
Supports up to 768kHz
Up to DSD 256 (4x) Capable
DSD via DoP
CNC Aluminium Chassis
Roon tested
Micro to USB Type-A



Five digital inputs: coaxial, dual-data coax, optical, Micro-USB and USB-C
Dynamic range 125 dB A wt.
Noise 2.7 uV A wt., no measurable noise floor modulation
Distortion and noise 0.0003 % at 2.5 V 300 ohms
Power output 1 % distortion:
90 mW 300 ohms (5.2 V RMS)
600 mW 30 ohms (4.2 V RMS)
0.06 ohms output impedance
118 dB stereo separation 1 kHz 300 ohms 2.5 V
Dimensions: 83 mm (3.26 in.) x 62 mm (2.44 in.) x 22.90 mm (0.90 in)
weight: 185 g (0.4 lbs)
Signal to noise: 123dB ‘A’ weighted
Frequency response: 7Hz -20kHz + / – 3dB


Chord Mojo 2 review

"While from a performance point of view the Mojo 2 can just as confidently raise a hi-fi system’s game too, some of those looking for a system boost might reasonably prefer a dedicated system alternative with more suitable connections, such as the Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M. However, for those who are after a primarily portable or desktop DAC solution in this price region (and cannot triple their budget to Chord Hugo 2 territory), we believe the decision 'to Mojo 2' or 'not to Mojo 2' is far easier. And what about existing Mojo owners? Honestly, Chord has left us no choice but to recommend the upgrade." - What Hi-Fi? 


Chord Electronics Mojo 2 REVIEW

"I have been nothing but extremely impressed with the Mojo 2, its delivered the goods in all areas and opened my eyes to some new ones too.  I think Chord have taken a very good product and made it not only much better but also much more flexible and I think its a no brainer upgrade for Mojo users." -  Terry Ellis 


Chord Mojo 2 portable DAC/headphone amplifier

"I take my hat off to Rob Watts and Chord Electronics for the way that they have managed to incorporate sophisticated equalisation into the Mojo 2 without compromising its excellent sound quality. Add to that this all metal and impressively well finished little device is made in the UK for a price that competes with the best in the business and you have a bona fide winner" -  Jason Kennedy 


Chord Electronics Mojo 2

"In truth, Mojo 2 makes the brilliant original sound a little opaque, coloured and closed-in and that’s remarkable enough. To listen to a superb recording like Eva Cassidy’s Songbird with Mojo 2 is to experience complex textures, limpid transparency, strikingly believable stereo perspectives and previously unnoticed recorded details subtly unearthed. It is, more than ever, a mobile joy. Ignore it at your peril" -  Hi-Fi Choice 


Chord Mojo 2

"The Chord Mojo 2 is absolutely sparkling, it is surely one of the best portable digital solutions at this price. As well as that it has to be one of the best desktop solutions too. We have seen what other reviewers have said about the Chord Mojo 2, I’d like the HF&MS summary to be ‘sparkling audio fun’." -  Simon Wilce 



"The cheeky chappy is back! Updated, more features but still retaining that compact form factor and matt finish, Paul Rigby reviews Chord’s headphone amplifier/DAC" -  Theaudiophileman 


Chord Mojo 2

"The Mojo 2’s durable ‘milled from solid’ alloy case features multi-colour, illuminated ‘ball’ controls forpower, volumeand a new menu/tone function.A rainbow of colours indicates volume level, tone band, battery status and incoming sample rate" - Hi-Fi News 


The Small And Perfectly Formed Chord Mojo 2 Is A Worthy Upgrade

"This is an audiophile quality DAC that can deliver superb sound on the move. I wish Chord had supplied cables for Android and iOS devices. If you are an iPhone user, you’ll need a Lighting to USB adapter to link with the Mojo 2. The one big feature that’s missing is a Bluetooth input but that probably would have pushed the price too high. If Bluetooth is important to you then it may be worth considering the iFi SEN Signature DAC that I reported on recently." - Mark Sparrow 


Chord Mojo 2 review

"In all honesty we’d have been surprised if Mojo 2 had turned out to be a poor product. But even though Chord has had seven years to fuss over the way the original (and still excellent) Mojo performed, the gains in performance the Mojo 2 demonstrates - especially where stuff like soundstaging, and the control of attack and decay are concerned - are quite startling. We’ve put a tentative note in our 2029 calendar, ready for Mojo 3." -  Simon Lucas