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Clarus Cable Aqua MKII Digital Coax Cable

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Our Clarus Aqua audio cables provide the same unique performance features found in our Crimson products, but are designed with slightly smaller wire gauges. Like our Crimson line, Aqua cables feature a multi-gauge design using three different-shaped conductors - each individually insulated - resulting in superior bass, midrange and high frequencies for superior imaging and maximum definition across the sound spectrum. Sound clarity is enhanced through the use of ultra-low-distortion PCOCC conductors. The use of precision-formulated polyethylene (PE) insulation results in low loss, superior imaging and maximum sound definition. No other audiophile-grade cables on the market offer the patented design breakthroughs and sound reproduction of Clarus Aqua.

  • 18 AWG 2.4% Silver plated PCOCC; Directional
  • Solid conductor with 75 ohm impedance same geometry as RG6
  • Skin-Foamed Polyethylene-Skin
  • Aluminum Mylar Foil
  • 100% Coverage & Tinned OFC Braid
  • 85% Coverage & Copper Foil
  • 100% Coverage
  • UL® CL2 PVC jacket with black & aqua woven over-jacket
  • RCA single cable