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Clarus Cable Crimson MKII AES EBU Digital Cable

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Clarus Crimson audio cables are engineered to provide the ultimate listening experience for discriminating audiophiles. Every cable features an innovative multi-gauge design that uses three different-shaped conductor types - each individually insulated - resulting in superior bass, midrange and high frequencies. In addition to ultra-low-distortion PCOCC, Crimson cables are made with precision-formulated polyethylene (PE) insulation providing low loss, superior imaging and maximum sound definition. No other audiophile-grade cables on the market feature the innovative engineering breakthroughs and enhanced high-end performance of Clarus Crimson cables.

The AES EBU standard was jointly developed by the Audio Engineering Society and the European Broadcast Society. It is the preferred serial digital interface format for professional audio. The Clarus AES EBU cable is a 110-ohm AES type 1 balanced design consisting of 3 dedicated solid gauge PCCC conductors with 6.1% ultra-pure silver-plating. Each conductor is individually insulated and surrounded by a protective shielding to support the high frequency demands of AES EBU.