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Clarus Cable Crimson MKII High Current AC Power Cable

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Clarus High Current Power Cables are designed specifically for power amplifiers. Current capabilities for high current power cables are a major concern. Large power amps draw current in pulses. Resistance in a power cable may restrict the peak level of a required pulse which will limit the transient response of an audio amplifier. Clarus High Current Power Cables are designed with large size wire gauges specifically so as not to starve this current demand. However, large gauge conductors will not respond as quickly to transients. For this reason, Clarus’ design includes a combination of smaller conductors and large conductors. The Clarus High Current Power Cables provide full power, on-demand without limiting audio dynamics.

Noise rejection is critical. For maximum noise reduction Clarus designed alternating lays and twisting of the cable’s conductors to reduce the distortion caused by magnetic fields that are created when insulated conductors are twisted in a bundle. Alternating the twist cancels out magnetic fields eliminating distortion. The dual shielding limits noise in the building’s electrical grid from getting into the cable while the “Fort Knox” type connector housing wrapped in light-weight carbon fiber protects from EMI and RFI thus ensuring the lowest noise floor for sensitive components. Since line and neutral alternate back and forth 60 times per second, vibration isolation is critical; Clarus Power Cables have a specialized dielectric formula and the connector housing is made of POM, polyacetal resin, both combined provide state of the art vibration annihilation. The result is an obvious audible improvement created by lowering the noise floor, and allowing you to hear more of the recorded information.

  • PCCC - 8AWG
  • Multiple Solid Heavy Conductors
  • Multiple Sized Conductors
  • Alternating Twists
  • Dual Shielded