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Clarus Power Block - Sextet

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 The Sextet Power Block features high-performance hospital-grade outlets engineered with advanced materials to ensure electrical contact integrity and reliability over time. Each duplex outlet and associated filter circuit are isolated, thus prohibiting interaction between adjacent outlets. In addition, each outlet bank is labeled as ANALOG, DIGITAL, or HIGH CURRENT.

Two ANALOG outlets connect to a proprietary filter that enables analog music to bloom. Engineered with Clarus Core (C-Core) filters, these outlets ensure there is no restriction of dynamics. The technologically advanced C-Core has superb magnetic properties that perform and sound better than any other analog audio filter available.

Two DIGITAL outlets, supplied by a specifically designed filter, deliver clean power to digital audio components like DACs and CD players. The proprietary design of complex multi-level filtering offers the best noise attenuation while not restricting dynamics.

Two properly filtered HIGH-CURRENT outlets deliver full power to high current components like power amplifiers, powered speakers, and powered subwoofers without restricting dynamics.

C-Core Technology for the Lowest Possible Noise Floor

The Sextet features proprietary Clarus-Core (C-Core) technology used in the analog and digital filters. Made with nanocrystalline soft magnetic (ferrite) material, the high saturation magnetic flux density and high permeability of Clarus-Core produce a high impedance resulting in excellent noise suppression over a wide frequency range.

Furthermore, Clarus-Core exhibits near-zero effects of magnetostriction—a property of ferromagnetic materials that causes them to change shape or dimensions during the magnetization process. The low magnetostriction of Clarus-Core significantly reduces audible noise emission when the applied voltage and current are in the audible frequency range. No other core performs as well to keep your AC signal silent and clean.

Three Levels of Protection and LED Safety Lights

Sextet features a layered fail-safe system that will protect your audio investments. A thermal breaker is built into the input of the Sextet Power Block, protecting from overcurrent conditions caused by excessive loads or equipment short circuits. Highly sophisticated Thermal Metal Oxide Varistors (TMOV) provide 480 joules of surge suppression with an integral temperature sensor designed to trigger a relay. If the TMOV reaches a critical temperature, this relay disconnects the power. If the surge suppression circuit is compromised, the front panel Protection Fault LED illuminates, and the unit shuts down for safety. Additionally, ground and polarity LEDs indicate that the power cable and outlet to which Sextet is connected are in phase and properly grounded.

Sextet Will Not Limit Current

The Sextet Power Block delivers full power without restriction. We recommend using a power cable that will not limit current. The CCP-HC Crimson High Current Power Cable or the CAP-HC Aqua High Current Power Cable are excellent choices. Power cable sold separately.