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Pro-Ject Clean it

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Clean it

Carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush

The Clean it carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush is suitable for daily cleaning of the stylus. The stylus brush is the best tool for quick maintenance and daily cleaning of your needle tip. Clean it gently removes dust and crustification with thousands of the finest carbon fibres. The result is a clean and good sounding diamond stylus that ensures a perfect reproduction of your records.

Analog appreciators agree that the Clean It carbon fiber stylus brush is a simple and perfect stylus cleaner tool for your turntable. The stylus brush is the best tool for quick anti-static maintenance and daily cleaning of your needle tip.

Without the need for cleaning fluid, Clean it gently removes dust and debris from your stylus tip with thousands of the finest carbon fibers. The result is a clear and perfect playback.

Combined with regular record cleaning and the use of a record brush, your vinyl records give the audiophile sound quality you demand on every spin. Hi-Fi and turntable stylus alike can benefit from the soft bristles of this stylus brush. Spare the cleaning solution and magic eraser while keeping a dirty stylus from getting in the way of your listening experience.

Record collectors know the value of a great phono cartridge. But stylus care is paramount to ensuring each listening session gives you everything you expect. Stylus debris can destroy the experience of your record player. Even if you’ve used a record cleaner before you drop the tonearm, a fuzzy stylus needle can spoil the experience.

Rather than tampering with sensitive or costly styli by hand, using liquid cleaner, a gel pad, or warm water, the Clean It carbon fiber brush from Pro-Ject clears up the dust you could only see with a magnifying glass.

When it comes to stylus care, our own Jeff Coates says: “It’s not a bad idea to gently clean your stylus whenever you see a “dust comet” trailing the stylus, or every 20 plays or so to get any small particles you might not see. Remember, though, that the stylus is fragile. Don’t use a rag or the top of your finger! A soft, short bristle stylus cleaning brush should be used, and it should be pulled gently away from the front of the cartridge.”



  • Smooth cleaner for diamant stylus
  • Conductive carbon fibers
  • Eliminates static charges
  • Removes finest dust particles