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Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject Connect it Power DS 15V Phono 2.1mm-2.1mm

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High performance cables for Power Boxes

Magnetically shielded for optimal connection!

Due to optimized power transmission, an ultimate level of audiophile performance can be reached. To make usage of all Power Box models with dedicated Box design components even more convenient, we offer these special high quality power cables in 0,82m, 1,23m and 1,85m.

Connect it Power 15V 2,1-2,1

  • Compatible: Power Box S2, S3 Phono, DS/DS2/DS3 Sources, MaiA DS
  • Connects all 15V, 20V, 24V products
  • ATTENTION: For Xtension 10/12, RPM 9/10 Carbon and Signature models you need a Power RS2 Phono or RS uni 1-way TT due to high power consumption.


  • High conductivity power cable with improved shielding
  • Replace standard power connections, which come with Power Box components
  • Avoids cable spaghetti through individual lengths
  • Available in 0,82m, 1,23m and 1,85m