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EMM Labs - DA2 V2

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World’s First 16xDSD Proprietary Discrete DACs

MDAC2™ is now the world’s first true fully discrete DSD1024/16xDSD D/A converter and still built in-house at our manufacturing facility in Calgary, Canada. We’re not willing to accept the inherent non-linearities of every mass-market chip created to date. Neither should you.

Newly Updated MDAT2™: 16xDSD Upsampling

Our multi-award winning MDAT2™ DSP has been refined and updated to synergistically work with the new 16xDSD MDAC2™. The new MDAT2™ DSP performs real-time transient detection, processing and up-conversion of all incoming audio, PCM and DSD, before sending it to the new 16xDSD DACs.

New USB Isolation, MFAST™ and MCLK2™

The DA2 also has Ed’s proprietary hardware galvanic isolation for its USB interface. This allows the DA2 to further isolate its USB interface from noisy source power systems.

Along with MDAT2™, MFAST™ our high-speed asynchronous jitter removal technology and MCLK2™ our custom built super accurate clock, has been carefully revised to work synergistically with the new 16xDSD DACs. All culminating in that next level of immersive pristine sonic clarity that has been the definition of every new EMM product.

Key Features

  • World’s first 16xDSD proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A converters (MDAC2™)

  • Newly designed next generation analog stages

  • Latest generation 16xDSD Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT2™) signal processing technology

  • Latest generation enhanced MFAST™ technology for instant signal acquisition and jitter-free performance

  • Next generation MCLK2™ proprietary custom clock

  • Proprietary USB interface hardware galvanic isolation

  • 24bit,192kHz support on all PCM inputs including USB

  • DSD, 2xDSD and DXD (352/384kHz) over USB

  • Exclusive aerospace-grade ceramic circuit boards

  • EMM Optilink interface for connection to transport

  • Precision-machined aluminum chassis & remote control

  • Polarity inversion performed in the digital domain

  • USB port for future software upgrades

  • Serial port for wired remote control

  • New optimized reference power system
    – Power factor corrected
    – Factory set to 100V or 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz
    – Power consumption: max. 30 W

  • CE compliant


Digital inputs:
EMM Optilink (CD/SACD)
Supports up to 24bit, 192kHz on all PCM inputs: AES/EBU, USB Audio, 2x SPDIF Coax, 2x S/PDIF Toslink
USB also supports streaming DSD, 2xDSD, DXD (352 and 384kHz)

Stereo Analog Outputs:

Output Impedance:
300 ohms balanced (XLR)
150 ohms unbalanced (RCA)

Output Levels:
XLR outputs: 4.6V (+15.45dBu)
RCA outputs: 2.3V (+9.45dBu)

Silver and Black Ultrafine CNC Precision Finish
Standard black or premium 24K Gold/Silver/Custom plated insert and buttons

W x D x H: 438 x 400 x 161mm
Weight: 17.2kg