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DS Audio

DS Audio DS Grand Master EX System

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Grand Master Extreme

Analog extreme ONE PIECE DIAMOND

"Despite my adoration of Decca,Soundsmith and Koetsu pick-ups,HFN Feb ’21 saw me write, ‘TheGrand Master is so truly supremein resolution, transparency,spatial recreation, neutrality andany other parameter I can namethat it’s impossible for me to notsay what I usually try to avoid:“This may be the best cartridgeI’ve ever heard”’. This time, Icannot deny: the Grand MasterExtreme is even better."Hi Fi News Ken Kessler 2023 August




One-piece diamond cantilever

The Grand Master Extreme employs a 0.22mm square one-piece diamond cantilever, where the diamond cantilever and the needle tip are crafted from a single diamond. Typically, the diamond tip of the cantilever and the needle tip are bonded together using adhesive. However, with the one-piece diamond cantilever, the cantilever and the needle tip are integrated into a single unit, enabling a more direct transmission of information from the needle tip.



Grand Master Extreme Optical Cartridge
Signal output
 Photo-electric Conversion
Channel separation 27db more(1kHz)
Weight 7.7g
Output signal level 70mV more
Canti-lever & Needle ONE PIECE DIAMOND
Body material Ultra duralumin
Cantilever holder material Stainless
Needle pressure 2.0g~2.2g(2.1g is recommended)
Stylus Micro Ridge