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Focal 1000 ICLCR5

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1000 ICLCR5

2-way in-ceiling speaker

100 ICLCR5 is a compact, high-performance in-ceiling speaker. Combined with conventional or wall-mounted speakers, it is the perfect complement to a home cinema installation (dedicated room, living room...). It is also ideal for large rooms with no rear wall to the listening point.


Benefiting from the best Focal technologies, the two loudspeakers deliver sensational high-fidelity sound. Combined with an exclusive design that lets you adjust the tweeter's position on the listening point, movies and music take on another dimension.


The loudspeaker can be used for a variety of applications: front left, center or right channels, rear channels and high channels, for a custom installation. Tweeter and midrange levels are also adjustable, for the perfect fit with your listening room.



Ready-to-paint magnetic grilles guarantee total discretion for your installation.




Perfectly defined midrange and bass

By developing and manufacturing its own membranes, Focal pushes the limits of innovation in acoustics. The sandwich "W" membrane of the loudspeakers plays an essential role in sound reproduction. It consists of two sheets of glass placed on either side of a central foam body; a sandwich construction that enables us to master the three key parameters of a good loudspeaker: lightness, rigidity and damping. This flagship membrane of Focal know-how perfectly optimizes the frequency response curve, providing low distortion and total listening transparency. Sound is the ultimate in precision.






For exceptional treble

Membrane shape and materials are essential for high-fidelity reproduction. For exceptional treble, our engineers have developed the Béryllium inverted dome tweeter in pure Beryllium. Thanks to its unrivalled rigidity, Beryllium is the material of choice for high-frequency loudspeakers. Developed and patented by Focal, the pure Beryllium inverted dome is capable of covering more than five octaves (1,000 - 40,000 Hz) for perfect perception of micro-details.








Easy to install

Sound quality is not enough. That's why Focal adds a valuable criterion for integration products: ease of installation. Thanks to the EQI (Easy Quick Install) system, assembly is greatly improved and facilitated, with installation time reduced to a minimum. This ingenious mechanism allows products to be installed by hand, simply and without tools.








 Sound - Acoustics

Product type Bass-reflex 3-way ceiling
Medium 4" (10cm) "W"cone Midrange
Membrane W cone
Response at - 6dB (Low frequency point) 43 Hz
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 53 Hz - 40 kHz
Minimum impedance 2.9 Ω
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Recommened amplifier power 50 - 180 W
Sensivity 91 dB


Depth behind surface (Mounting depth) 7.5 in / 7.5 in
Mounting height 340 mm / 13.37 in
Mounting width 340 mm / 10.37 in
Depth 195 mm / 7.62 in
Height 370 mm / 14.62 in
Width 370 mm / 14.62 in


Black and white felt Black and white felt ready to stick
Cut Out template Yes
Grids Delivered with square and circular grilles ready for painting