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Focal Celestee Headphones

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Closed hi-fi headphones

Celestee's promise is to deliver a hi-fi listening experience without the disturbance of a noisy environment or the worry of disturbing your nearest neighbor. Thanks to its exclusive drivers, these headphones deliver uncompromising audio quality, with added isolation and comfort.










Focal's loudspeakers guarantee excellent dynamics and sound precision, with excellent depth in the bass. Acoustic treatment has been applied to the earpieces to avoid resonance and perfect sound reproduction.










The controlled geometry of the aluminum yoke hugs the head perfectly, while ensuring a custom fit. Memory-form earpads contribute to the comfort and isolation of the headphones: no outside noise disturbs your sound journey.







Celestee is finished in Navy Blue semi-aniline leather. A color as singular as it is modern, which, together with numerous Soft Copper details, gives the headphones a bright, refined touch.










These headphones need a running-in period to reach full performance. This will happen naturally after several hours of listening. If you wish to accelerate the process, we recommend that you play the headphones for at least 24 hours at a relatively high volume level, on tracks rich in low frequencies. This will stabilize the loudspeakers and enable you to enjoy your headphones to the full.



Celestee comes with a carrying case in the headphones' colors, and a cable suitable for both home and portable use. An optional stand is available for elegantly displaying the headphones at home.








Extremely precise sound

Focal engineers have put all their know-how in the manufacture of loudspeakers at the service of wireless headphones and noise reduction. Manufactured in the Focal workshops and inheriting patented technologies, the 40 mm full-range electrodynamic aluminum/magnesium loudspeakers are a patented Focal innovation. Aluminum increases dome rigidity and greatly reduces distortion, while the addition of magnesium provides excellent damping. This alloy enables the loudspeakers to deliver deep bass, smooth treble and clear vocals for extremely accurate sound.







The best listening conditions

Designing the best hi-fi products or loudspeakers is not enough to achieve uncompromising sound reproduction. The acoustic treatment of the room also contributes to the quality of the listening experience. The same applies to headphones: to fully benefit from the performance of the loudspeakers, the earcups need to be carefully designed. Our engineers have developed a specific acoustic treatment within the earcups to achieve the best balance between sound absorption and diffusion, for resonance-free listening.








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"They're the kind of headphones that the vast majority of listeners will enjoy."


Focal Celestee Headphones - Read More

"I’d say the Celestees are comparable in sound quality to any high-end, closed-back headphones I’ve heard. I wouldn’t say they’re for audiophiles who want to max out on detail, and they’re certainly not for bassheads—but now that I think of it, that means they’re the kind of headphones that the vast majority of listeners will enjoy."


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"The Focal Celestee is one of the best sounding closed back headphones we’ve heard and while it’s expensive at $999 (€999, AU$1,399), it’s completely justifiable for those looking for one headphone to do it all. 

The Celestee is a great choice for those who look for a warmer and more forward presentation. While we wish the soundstage was wider, it’s understandable for a closed back headphone to be more limited in this regard. "


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"The Celestee are terrific closed-back headphones. Design, build quality, and materials are all sublime. The Celestee sound detailed, balanced, and fun. The Celestee are a more reasonable priced, premium, closed-back pair of cans than the big brother Stellia. Aimed at audiophiles, they maintain their poise providing resolution, dynamics, and listenability. If an intimate soundstage and distinct blue colorway are your thing, then look no further."


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"I’m really happy with what Focal has done here with the Celestee. They offer one of their most consumer-friendly headphones and deliver the sound signature with the high standard you should be used to with the French manufacturer. It holds a unique place in the headphone market, with one of the most significant closed-back models currently available. "


Focal Celestee Headphones: Review - Read More

"Did Focal play it safe with the Celestee? The balanced presentation and added warmth in the upper bass and lower midrange will appeal to a lot of listeners who might not want an overly detailed or bright sounding pair of high-end headphones.

The treble isn’t rolled-off but it does lack a certain degree of airiness depending on your source or amplifier." 


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"The thing is though, neither of these things are actual negatives. The Celestee hasn’t displaced an open back headphone to exist and if you’re reading this looking for a headphone that does everything you would expect a fairly high end device to do without leaking appreciable noise, this is a sensational place to start looking. Focal’s grip on the headphone market, already a good one has become that little bit stronger and the Celestee come Highly Recommended.   " 


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"I’m thoroughly impressed with Celestee. It’s easily the most subtly stunning-looking Focal headphone I’ve seen yet, a beauty without ostentation. In sound quality, it’s everything a closed-back headphone should be. It's acoustically isolating and controlled, despite the potential hazard of having large 40-mm drivers pointed at either side of your head. It punches and slams with excellent dynamic range and detail that always sings with Focal’s signature warmth in the midrange. It sounds just as detailed and refined at lower volumes as does when you crank it up. But easily the best thing about Celestee is the price that should let nearly everyone get more than a taste of one of the finest headphones available at any price. Focal may have messed-up, offering something so close to Stellia’s sound for 1/3rd of the price. I’m going with Celestee every time." - Wayde Robson 

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"If you want a sound quality you only get with a pair of very expensive headphones, but do not want the sound leakage from open variants and also do not want to spend a lot of money on amplifier as well (although it is also recommended here), then you should have Celestee high on the list. Maybe at the very top.


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"At $990, these headphones are expensive. And yet, it’s easy to imagine using the Focal Celestee for decades. There’s no battery to die, no wireless technology to become obsolete. Once you make that initial investment and spread out the cost over a few years, you can consider these headphones a bargain." 



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"The Focal Celestee headphones provide a well-balanced presentation with more detail than their processor which is easy to hear due to their good passive isolation. The Focal Celestee’s provide a well-built headphones with luxury touches at what has become a competitive price point in the world of high-end headphones. If I was not using the Celestee’s with a source I was carrying with me, I would probably replace the cable. Happily, that is easy to do.

All in all, the Focal Celestee is a notable improvement upon an already very good predecessor. These premium headphones are easy to recommend for an audition to anyone seeking quality over-ear, closed-back headphones in this price range." 






 Sound - Acoustics

Product type Closed-back headphones
Loudspeakers 15/8" (40mm) Aluminium/Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 5 Hz – 23 kHz
Harmonic distortion rate 0.1 % @ 1 kHz / 100 dB SPL
Impedance 35 Ω
Maximum SPL (peak@1m) 105 dB SPL


Weight 430 g / 0.95 lb


Carrying case depth 120 mm / 4.75 in
Carrying case included Yes
Carrying case height 250 mm / 9.87 in
Carrying case width 240 mm / 9.5 in
Cables provided • 1 x 4ft (1.2m) Jack 1/8" (3.5mm) cable
• 1 Jack adapter,1/8" (3.5mm) female – 1/4" (6.35mm) male


Jack (6.35mm)

Mini-Jack (3.5mm)