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Focal Maestro Utopia Evo

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3-way floor-standing speaker

This is the versatile, easy-to-install 3-way floorstanding speaker in the Utopia range. The bass section is extremely homogenous while retaining its dynamics and impact. Thanks to Focal innovations, the midrange offers even greater precision. Bi-amplified, like Grande Utopia and Stella, Maestro can be used to refine the sound typology according to the tone and power required. Tailor-made, quite simply.











Maestro Utopia EM features a 16.5 cm "W" midrange driver, two 27 cm "W" bass drivers - one with MDS (Magnetic Damping System) technology to adapt the bass to the listening room - and an IAL inverted dome tweeter in pure Beryllium for sensational treble.











Each loudspeaker is integrated into a separate cabinet. These cabinets form the spectacular backbone of the loudspeaker and enable "Focus Time": the perfect adjustment of the channels to the listening point for the ultimate experience.








The best components of their generation have found their place in the Utopia line: French-made cables, denser interior acoustic material in the subwoofer, double terminal blocks, separate crossovers... When Focal know-how is at work...




Maestro Utopia stands out for its contemporary styling and distinctive silhouette. Metallic colors inspired by the automotive world and timeless wood finishes complete the look of these loudspeakers. 




Perfectly defined midrange and bass

By developing and manufacturing its own membranes, Focal pushes the limits of innovation in acoustics. The sandwich "W" membrane of the loudspeakers plays an essential role in sound reproduction. It consists of two sheets of glass placed on either side of a central foam body; a sandwich construction that enables us to master the three key parameters of a good loudspeaker: lightness, rigidity and damping. This flagship membrane of Focal know-how perfectly optimizes the frequency response curve, providing low distortion and total listening transparency. Sound is the ultimate in precision.




Stabilized surround, eliminates vibrations

While our engineers are experts in the development of exclusive diaphragms, they also innovate in all the components that make up the loudspeakers, such as the surround that connects the diaphragm to the frame, the performance of which must be mastered. Introduced in 2015, Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) technology with harmonic damping consists of the addition of finely positioned toroidal weights to stabilize the surround for even greater sonic neutrality. This technology enhances the midrange and the erratic behavior of the surround between 1 kHz and 2 kHz.




For exceptional treble

Membrane shape and materials are essential for high-fidelity reproduction. For exceptional treble, our engineers have developed the Béryllium inverted dome tweeter in pure Beryllium. Thanks to its unrivalled rigidity, Beryllium is the material of choice for high-frequency loudspeakers. Developed and patented by Focal, the pure Beryllium inverted dome is capable of covering more than five octaves (1,000 - 40,000 Hz) for perfect perception of micro-details.






More energy and optimized ventilation

The performance of a loudspeaker is directly related to the magnetic energy transmitted by the magnet. To develop high-performance woofers, our engineers created the multi-ferrite magnet, or Power Flower™ technology, which brings together several stacked ferrite rings distributed around the central core. This technology combines very high magnetic energy transmission, for tenfold power handling, with optimal cooling of the loudspeaker: the spacing between the blocks allows free circulation of hot air, ensuring unrivalled ventilation of the coil. As it heats up less, it no longer represents a limitation on power, even after prolonged listening at high sound levels. Another advantage is that the coil is decompressed because it is totally open-back to the outside: distortion, linked to mechanical compression phenomena, is considerably reduced. This technology has been an exclusive Focal signature for many years.





An anti-vibration cabinet

As the surface area of a loudspeaker cabinet is greater than that of the loudspeaker diaphragms, it can radiate sounds that are distorted by the resonances of the cabinet structure. This alters reproduction and blurs the sound image. To prevent such "interference", it is essential that the cabinet is as inert as possible, that it is not emissive. At Focal, we use MDF (Medium Density Fiber) to achieve this inertia. This stable, heavy structure is anti-vibration. It has been optimized by vibratory mapping of the loudspeaker walls to reinforce or modify the structure wherever a weak point appeared.







Very high sound definition

For very high-definition sound, control of the magnetic flux circulating in the loudspeaker is essential. Our acousticians have created a magnetic circuit of incredible stability, guaranteeing perfectly controlled sound: Neutral Inductance Circuit (NIC) technology. This patented technology resides in a Faraday ring whose dimensions, material and positioning are optimized to make the magnetic flux stable and the sound highly precise.









Focal Maestro Utopia Evo loudspeaker - Read More

"One moment, the Maestros take on the character of a 200lb street brawler, the next, that of a ballerina. They did the only thing that matters in the wild world of hi-fi: connect me to the music. I produced pages of notes full of terms like authority, grace, ebullience, grandeur, brawn. But maybe this says it better than reams of descriptors: During the evaluation of almost every new piece in my system, I make a fresh Roon playlist of songs that show off the product particularly well. On average, I end up with a list of 30, 40 songs. After two months with the Maestros, I was up to 157 tracks. From chamber quartets to EDM, orchestral showpieces to Appalachian folk, delta blues to big band, these exceptional French speakers brought the joy. Astute and revealing, they're among the hautest of haut-parleurs." - Rogier van Bakel


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"Lastly, the fit and finish: The mechanical construction of these speakers is sheer perfection. The gently curved cabinets have a timeless design aesthetic, and while available in a number of standard colors (black, white and red), custom colors can be ordered at a slightly additional cost. The finish applied is on the same level as the world’s finest luxury cars, and the enclosures are flawless. While these are speakers worthy of the price asked based on performance, they also exude build quality that will satisfy the most sophisticated owner, and will meld into any environment with ease.

And this is what you write the big check for—which is precisely why the Focal Maestro Utopia is our choice for Product of the Year in the speaker category."


Focal Maestro Utopia Evo floorstanding loudspeaker - Read More

"Whichever way you cut it, this Maestro delivers an awful lot of music, excitement and sheer energy for your hard-earned cash – and will do it with a remarkable range of different systems and material, large or small. A powerfully capable all-rounder, it is not so much a musical Jess Ennis as the audio equivalent of Maro Itoje. This Maestro needs fear no comparisons with its competition, offering its own musical strengths and distinct balance of virtues. It has taken a while, but finally Focal has not only tamed its beast but taught it some seriously impressive musical tricks. It might just be the smallest really big loudspeaker out there." - Roy Gregory





Sound - Acoustics

Product type Bass-reflex 3-way column
Membrane Third generation ‘W’ sandwich technology
Woofer 11" (27cm) "W" woofer with a Magnetic Damping System (MDS) + 11" (27cm) "W" woofer
Medium Power Flower 6.5" (16.5cm) "W" midrange with NIC motor
Tweeter 11/16" (27mm) 'IAL2' pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
Response at - 6dB (Low frequency point) 21 Hz
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 25 Hz - 40 kHz
Minimum impedance 3.1 Ω
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Recommened amplifier power 50 - 600 W
Sensivity 93 dB


Depth 455 mm / 17.91 in
Height 1470 mm / 57.87 in
Width 770 mm / 30.31 in
Weight 116 kg / 255.73 lb


Counter points Counter magnetic tips x4
Points Spikes x4