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Focal Sopra N°1

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2-way bookshelf speaker

Ideal for living rooms of less than 25m², the Sopra N°1 compact loudspeaker easily adapts to spaces of over 50m². With its high sensitivity and excellent power handling, it is a bookshelf speaker with ultimate performance, close to that of the Utopia range of excellence. The extremely low distortion level makes for incredibly pure listening, with the advanced definition and spectacular spatialisation typical of bookshelf speakers.








This loudspeaker is a compact performer in terms of sound reproduction. Its exclusive Focal technologies deliver high-definition hi-fi sound: Beryllium tweeter, "W" diaphragm ...








Sopra N°1 stands out for the purity of its sound material, with a full, articulate bass register. Precision is real; overall coherence and harmonic richness bring an astonishing understanding of the music.


With cabinets made in France by our own cabinetmakers, and colored lacquer finishes (Carrara White, Electric Orange, Black Lacquer) or wood (Light Oak, Macassar), the material enhances the sound. The loudspeaker blends into any interior, adding character to any room.









When form and sound become one




61 cm high, these stands are dedicated to Sopra N°1 loudspeakers. They raise and enhance the value of the loudspeakers, which are mounted on a vibration-damping metal plate for optimum stability. With their matte black aluminum finish and deep black glass base, these stands are in perfect aesthetic harmony with the entire Sopra line.

Optional foot






Perfectly defined midrange and bass

By developing and manufacturing its own membranes, Focal pushes the limits of innovation in acoustics. The sandwich "W" membrane of the loudspeakers plays an essential role in sound reproduction. It consists of two sheets of glass placed on either side of a central foam body; a sandwich construction that enables us to master the three key parameters of a good loudspeaker: lightness, rigidity and damping. This flagship membrane of Focal know-how perfectly optimizes the frequency response curve, providing low distortion and total listening transparency. Sound is the ultimate in precision.






Stabilized surround, eliminates vibrations

While our engineers are experts in the development of exclusive diaphragms, they also innovate in all the components that make up the loudspeakers, such as the surround that connects the diaphragm to the frame, the performance of which must be mastered. Introduced in 2015, Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) technology with harmonic damping consists of the addition of finely positioned toroidal weights to stabilize the surround for even greater sonic neutrality. This technology enhances the midrange and the erratic behavior of the surround between 1 kHz and 2 kHz.




For exceptional treble

Membrane shape and materials are essential for high-fidelity reproduction. For exceptional treble, our engineers have developed the Béryllium inverted dome tweeter in pure Beryllium. Thanks to its unrivalled rigidity, Beryllium is the material of choice for high-frequency loudspeakers. Developed and patented by Focal, the pure Beryllium inverted dome is capable of covering more than five octaves (1,000 - 40,000 Hz) for perfect perception of micro-details.




High-definition sound

For the Beryllium tweeter to deliver all its finesse, it would need an almost infinite volume. Sopra's need for compactness meant that the maximum volume of the cabinet had to be used for the bass. Exploring new ways of loading the tweeter led us to imagine the IHL infinite-load horn. The IHL (Infinite Horn Loading) system enables the Beryllium tweeter to be loaded while respecting the compactness of the loudspeaker. The rear wave is gently and progressively absorbed to avoid distortion. The result is maximum definition.





Very high sound definition

For very high-definition sound, control of the magnetic flux circulating in the loudspeaker is essential. Our acousticians have created a magnetic circuit of incredible stability, guaranteeing perfectly controlled sound: Neutral Inductance Circuit (NIC) technology. This patented technology resides in a Faraday ring whose dimensions, material and positioning are optimized to make the magnetic flux stable and the sound highly precise.









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"Still, for the price, I could have used a bit more bass output -- I’ve heard stand-mounted speakers that can deliver that in my room. But the most indelible impression left on me by the Sopra No1 was its midrange -- in my opinion, it was the speaker’s calling card. Once you’ve tasted that combination of detail, body, weight, forward liveliness, and liquid smoothness, all devoid of glare or edge, it’s difficult to live without it.

In fact, I was so taken with these speakers that I’ve decided not to live without them. The Focal Sopra No1 is my new reference minimonitor. Focal, send me the bill. And if that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is."

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"It’s difficult to imagine a higher-end bookshelf speaker than these unless they were made out of solid gold, however, Focal does have the Diablo Utopia Colour Evo speakers (that name is a mouthful) that are near twice the cost. I have no idea what they could do beyond what these Sopra speakers can do. If you are looking for a truly high-end bookshelf and center speakers but don’t want to take the risk of getting something that could end up having bizarre performance like some of the more exotic brands, the Sopras are a safe bet. Their performance, build quality, and aesthetics are all commensurate with each other: absolutely first-rate." - James Larson 

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"Perhaps the most telling part of the audiophile loud-speaker review process is what happens when all the critical listening has finished. In many instances, when I feel I’m ready to write, I’ll pack up the speakers under consideration and fire up the reference Wilson Duette 2s that have been waiting patiently in the hallway off the listening room. With the Sopra No1s, I felt compelled to hear them play music until the last possible moment. The truck picking up the Focals for the trip back to their U.S. distributor, Audio Plus Services, showed up earlier than anticipated. The driver called up from the street and I told him to return later as I scrambled to finish disassembling the Sopra No1s and get their constituent parts back into the cardboard boxes. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye." -  Andrew Quint


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"It seems to me that there is often a gulf between what are generally accepted as the parameters for a ‘good’ loudspeaker and the slightly mysterious factors that go to make a great one. It’s all a bit elusive, despite all the wondrous technology we have. I kind of like the idea that there is still an element of magic (for want of a better expression) in designing a product that should be part of a process that can stir the soul. But maybe Focal has just shattered that illusion; the extensive research they have put into the Sopra has resulted in a loudspeaker that raises the bar in a number of significant areas, but the real achievement is in the applied balance of virtues that allows music to transcend the mechanics of hi-fi reproduction. That’s what makes a good speaker great." - Chris Binns


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"A truly astonishing, addictive pair of standmount speakers that actually justify their eye-watering price" - Simon Osborne-Walker

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"In any event, John and the APS team passed the critical customer service test with flying colors, a fact that should give their costumers and dealers an added sense of security and satisfaction. Thanks again, John, for your timely phone call and willingness to help. It meant everything to this reviewer. " - Maurice Jeffries



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"The Sopra N°1s are serious eye-candy. As Prince would've said, "you sexy mother F**KER!" Beyond aesthetics, the Sopras easily exceeded my expectations for serious sit-down listening. The more time I spent with the Sopra N°1s, the more eager I became to re-explore my music collection--late nights, eyes closed, remote in one hand, a few fingers of Oban 14 in the other. There are many speakers on the market up to the task of high-resolution listening. With its horn-loaded beryllium tweeters revealing every detail with insanely low distortion, the Sopra N°1s are one of them. They will pique your intellectual curiosity regarding the endless musical subtleties hiding in your music collection. I never before auditioned a beryllium tweeter in my home, and you owe it to yourself to check it out. But be warned: If you bring your wife, favorite reference music, and American Express card to the showroom, be prepared to accommodate two reasonably sized boxes in the back seat for the drive home. Focal has accomplished something completely unique and groundbreaking with the Sopra N°1s: they sound as good as, if not better than, they look. This little beauty is a beast." - Ben Shyman




Sound - Accoustic

Product type Bass reflex 2 -way library speaker
Membrane W cone
Medium 6.5" (16.5cm)"W" bass midrange with TMD" suspension and "NIC" motor
Tweeter 11/16" (27mm) "IHL" Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
Response at - 6dB (Low frequency point) 41 Hz
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 45 Hz - 40 kHz
Minimum impedance 3.9 Ω
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Recommened amplifier power 25 - 150 W
Sensivity 89 dB


Depth 279 mm / 10.98 in
Height 425 mm / 16.73 in
Width 396 mm / 15.59 in
Weight 19 kg / 41.89 lb


Counter points Counter spikes x4 already mounted
Points Spikes x4