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Focal Theva N°3-D

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Dolby Atmos 3-way floor-standing speaker

Theva N°3-D is the reference Dolby Atmos® floorstanding speaker in the Theva range. By combining 3 front channels and a vertical channel that reflects sound waves onto the ceiling, the speaker creates a grandiose spatial effect, reinventing the way music and cinema are experienced in the home and offering a remarkably immersive sound experience. With this Theva N°3-D and its Dolby Atmos® effects, emotion is at the heart of your living room.









Action scenes, falling rain, rumbling storms... this loudspeaker with Dolby Atmos® effects transforms the way you experience movies at home. Combined with the Slatefiber membrane and TNF tweeter, two Focal innovations, this technology is the source of immersive, precise and dynamic sound.






DolbyAtmos® is a technology developed for audio products. Dolby Atmos®-equipped loudspeakers feature, in addition to their front-mounted drivers, a top-mounted loudspeaker that reflects acoustics throughout the room. This technology isolates each sound from the original soundtrack and the mix as an independent audio object for extremely detailed sound reproduction, all spatialized in 3 dimensions.








Theva N°3-D features a delicate, meticulous design that reflects the line's products. Front panel, sleek black or wood finishes, metallized and screen-printed rings, magnetic cloth holder, rear vent positioning: refinement is in every detail.






For a complete Home Cinema installation and intense movie enjoyment, the loudspeaker combines perfectly with the other products in the line: Theva N°1, Theva N°2, Theva N°3, Theva Center, Theva Surround and the SUB 600P subwoofer.









Treble finesse

Made in France in our workshops, the TNF aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter delivers smooth, clear treble. The surround that connects the dome to its support uses Poron, a shape-memory material. This surround is directly derived from Focal's famous Beryllium tweeter, and reduces distortion by a factor of three between 2000 Hz and 3000 Hz, the most sensitive zone for the ear. In addition, a waveguide has been developed to perfect spatialization and further improve the inverted dome's very low directionality. In the horizontal plane, the frequency response is within +/- 0.5 dB. This performance guarantees an incredibly stable soundstage.



Dynamic, balanced sound

Exclusive to Focal and made in France, the Slatefiber membrane is made from recycled carbon fiber and thermoplastic polymer. In their quest for perfection and as specialists in loudspeaker membranes, our engineers have chosen to use non-woven carbon fibers in this in the same direction to achieve even greater rigidity, damping and lightness, the "essentials" of a good loudspeaker. Renowned for its dynamic, rich and balanced sound reproduction, this membrane has proved its worth on numerous products for the home, for professionals in recording studios, and also for listening in the car.






Focal Theva Home Cinema Speaker Package Review - Read More

"Focal's Theva system delivered some genuinely impressive sonic thrills, with moments of greatness. The N°3-D and Centre wove a seamless and convincing front soundstage with more than enough uncompressed dynamic capability for most living rooms. The N°3-Ds’ Atmos modules served to heighten the front soundstage, which, alongside the Thevas' wide dispersion, led to a highly enveloping and immersive experience. The timbre matched Surrounds blended in coherently with the fronts and, whilst they lacked relative output capability, they are perfectly capable when used at typical listening distances. Overall, the Theva system punched well above its price category, turning in a highly refined and downright enjoyable performance." - Doug Pyper




Sound - Accoustic

Product type Bass-reflex 3-way column
Membrane Slatefiber
Woofer  2x 6.5" (16.5cm) Slatefiber bass
Medium 6.5" (16.(cm) Slatefiber midrange
Tweeter 1" (25mm) Al/Mg inverted dome TNF tweeter
Response at - 6dB (Low frequency point) 39 Hz
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 270 Hz - 2700 Hz
Minimum impedance 2.9 Ω
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Recommened amplifier power 40 - 250 W
Sensivity 91 dB


Depth 38.8 cm / 15.25 in
Height 101.9 cm / 40.12 in
Width 21.2 cm / 8.37 in


Counter points Bumpers x4
Grids  Magnetic grille
Points Spikes x4