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Gershman Acoustics

Gershman Acoustics Black Swan

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Frequency response: 18Hz-24 KHz
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Recommended power: 70w-500w
12” woofer
5.25” Midrange
1” dome tweeter
Hight: 54”
Depth: 18”
Width: 16”
Weight: 174 lb
The Black Swan is a top-notch design, a work of art, no-holds-barred loudspeakers design.

During the design process, it became apparent that a truly great loudspeaker can’t be made by cutting corners to meet a price point (and when was it different?). Rather, a new approach was not only necessary, but essential, if the loudspeaker was to surpass the performance of the other models in the Gershman

Mr. Gershman, the chief designer decided to design a loudspeaker system which doesn’t allow interaction of the drive units within the cabinet—something he calls the SSAS, the Separate Sub Alignment System (patent pending). However, the sub enclosure is designed to time-align itself effortlessly with the mid and high frequency—a difficult and tedious undertaking.

The Black Swans are constructed with a totally new approach incorporating two entirely separate enclosures placed one above the other in such a manner that they blend seamlessly into one. Each loudspeaker has a woofer enclosure placed on metal cones, and an A-shaped enclosure suspended above it to accommodate the midrange and tweeter.

The A-shaped cabinet straddles the woofer cabinet with long double-HDF layered extensions, held in place with another set of IsoAcoustics state of the art isolation feet. When placed appropriately, the loudspeaker looks complete as one cabinet.

Black, but they can be ordered in any colour you desire. The speakers stand 48 when an external sub is used in a system. The SSAS method houses the high and mid frequencies in a separate enclosure that is supported by a bridge suspended above the bass enclosure thereby retaining appropriate time alignment as well as solidity to control vibrations.

The separate bass enclosure can be moved by a couple of inches to allow fine-tuning the time alignment and none of the bass energy — and there is a lot — can transfer into the mid and high frequency enclosures. Thus the SSAS system provides an almost resonance-free, stable environment for the drivers, promoting clearer sound, better resolution and three dimensional imaging akin to small enclosures, known to be best. The cabinets are constructed with two 2 inch thick layers of Highest quality, High Density Board , and finished meticulously one of the to piano finisher, using 15 layers of the best Italian piano lacquer available.

The Black Swan is a real masterpiece artifact!