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Gershman Acoustics

Gershman Acoustics Studio II

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Studio II

Delivers performance beyond what is typically associated with its price.



Frequency response 28Hz-24 KHz
Sensitivity 87 dB
Impedance 6 Ohms
Recommended power 70w-500w
Weight 50 lb
Height 17 "
Width 10"
Depth 14"
Woofers - 8"
1” soft dome tweeter

Gershman Studio II are accredited with unsurpassed transparency, accuracy,
neutrality and musicality. Most of the studio monitors days luck the full range
capability of producing higher frequencies as well as the low frequencies. The
Gershman Studio II are full range Studio Monitors that will provide the entire
frequency range, therefore, eliminating the need of using a subwoofer which cannot
be fully integrate with speakers. Made out of 1"thick HDF, curved which further contributes to better imaging and unbelievable, 3D soundstage.