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Tributaries MODEL PWRI-PRO

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Tributaries PWRI-PRO is an in-wall AC power outlet system that offers filtering, surge suppression and over/under voltage protection. Noise is everywhere whether its EMI or RFI, this noise can be severe enough to adversely affect picture and sound quality in home theater equipment. The PRO incorporates filtering so you can rest assured that your equipment will perform at its best. To protect your valuable equipment, Tributaries PWRI-PRO is engineered with the patented X3 MOV. The X3 MOV is the most advanced MOV available in today’s surge technology. It is capable of suppressing more energy, faster. Most home electronics incorporate sensitive microprocessors that only function correctly when they receive stable current at the right voltage. The PWRI-PRO is the only in-wall surge protected outlet to provide under/over voltage protection. If the PRO experiences an incoming voltage fluctuation below 90VAC or over 135VAC the circuit will open, disconnecting harmful voltage levels from reaching your delicate electronics. When safe voltage returns, the PWRI-PRO will return power to the system. Tributaries offers the PWRI-PRO in-wall solution to protect your investment while making your installation clean and safe. You can count on Tributaries to bring you the best filtering and surge suppression products to protect your investment. Trust Tributaries, Power Fluctuates, we don’t.

THE PWRI-PRO fits into dual gang Raco and Carlon in-wall boxes


"Installation is very easy and straight forward with peace of mind knowing expensive equipment is protected"

Shawn Woolman|President, HTC Iowa



Model PWRI-PRO Highlights

Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando Florida, USA
Dual gang/dual outlet in-wall surge suppressor with line filtering
1800 watts / 15 amps
1440 joules surge suppression
Over/Under voltage shut down; safe operating voltage: 90V – 130V
LED indicator lights for power-on and protection-on conditions
Fits into most Carlon® and Raco® boxes with ½” cover plates
3 UL® certifications and RoHS compliant