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IsoTek AC Mains Noise Analyzer

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 AC Mains Noise Analyzer 


The IsoTek Blue Horizon Mains Noise Analyser is used to measure interference (noise) on the mains power supply. These unwanted frequencies obviously pollute and corrupt high-resolution audio replay systems and understanding the problem is a key part of finding the solution.

The Blue Horizon Mains Noise Analyser measures electrical interference and presents it in two ways: acoustic (sound) and numeric (display). This is the ideal tool for examining noise in the mains power supply and comparing results of power conditioners.

The Mains Noise Analyser measures distortion on the mains supply in parts per 1,000. A poor-quality electricity supply has a detrimental effect on the performance of all high-quality audio and audio-visual equipment.

Plug the Mains Noise Analyser directly into a wall socket to test the purity of the mains supply.

Readings may vary from socket to socket depending upon the levels of pollution.