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Magnepan 30.7

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This giant, four-panel (two panels per side), four-way, ribbon/quasi-ribbon line source loudspeaker from Magnepan is the best Maggie JV (Jonathan Valin - the absolute sound) has heard, which is tantamount to saying it is the best planar JV has ever heard (and right up there with the best six-figure dynamics JV has heard).

With its highly coherent wave-launch, free standing imaging, vast soundstage, phenomenal resolution of inner detail, lightning transient response, incomparable naturalness of timbre, and total lack of box coloration and diffraction, the 30.7 is markedly less “there” as a sound source (and markedly more lifelike on voice and acoustic instruments) than almost every dynamic-speaker-in-a-box, no matter its price.

The best buy in an ultra-high-end loudspeaker (and one of the best high-end buys of all time), the 30.7 earned JV’s highest, most ecstatic recommendation and TAS’ 2017 Overall Product of the Year award. If you have sufficient room, amplifier, and permission from your spouse—and don’t listen to a steady diet of heavy metal—you cannot do better.

Does the 30.7 Require a Big Sound Room?

The ideal line source would be like a narrow pole---very narrow and from floor-to-ceiling (with no mass). With real-world materials, Maggies aspire to this ideal.

Imagine if we repacked the 30.7 tweeter/midrange in a 10 inch-wide panel and sold it with small dynamic woofers (that could be hidden). Such a hybrid would have all the problems that have plagued all hybrids, but there is no acoustical reason it would not work in a small room (the only issue would be aesthetics.)

However, the bass panels of all Maggies are big. The 30.7 bass panel is huge. And, yes, there is a acoustical problem with putting a big woofer in a small room: excessive midbass (deep bass is seldom a problem).

We have solved the problem of excessive midbass. The 30.7 has adjustable midbass control (in addtion to mid and high frequency adjustments). If you can handle the aesthetic issues of big panels, there are no acoustical reasons you can not have a 30.7 in a smaller room. 

A word about setup: whether the tweeter is on the inside or outside, the tweeter should not be closer to the listener than the bass section. Measuring from your seated position, if the bass panel is 10 feet, 6 inches, the tweeter should be at least 10 feet, 7 inches (think in distance, not angles).

What is Power Response and why is it Important to Music Reproduction?

Wendell Diller, explains why Maggies have superior power response and how you can conduct this listening test at your local dealer in this video.












Magnepan 30.7 four-panel dipolar planar loudspeaker system – Revisited - Read More

"Setting these constraints aside, though the 30.7 strikes me as a remarkable design achievement; it takes everything we have ever liked about the Magnepan sound to a whole different level—a level where both the richness and realism of recorded music are raised to extraordinary levels, all for the considerable yet oh-so-justifiable price of $30,000. " - Chris Martens


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"Even though I haven’t been immersed in this hobby as long as some other TAS staffers, I can say that the 30.7s are among a rare breed of loudspeakers that possess the power potential to reignite the sonic passions of even the most cynical audiophile. And with a price of $29k, while not cheap, they offer an amazing cost-to-performance ratio for the high-end market. Is the 30.7 destined to give the competition—in its price category and well beyond—a run for its money? All signs point to yes. " - Julie Mullins


Magnepan 30.7 four‑panel dipolar planar loudspeaker system - Read More

"Magnepan’s 30.7 is in my view a landmark design—one that does all things well and some things (textural and transient nuances, three-dimensionality, and realistic image scale) extraordinarily well. While $30,000 is a lot to pay for any pair of loudspeakers, the fact is that the 30.7s deliver sound quality competitive with (and in some respects superior to) loudspeakers ranging from two to nearly ten times their price. This means the 30.7 is at once an expensive product that also offers exceptional value for money! If you have the chance, I urge you to hear Magnepan’s 30.7, if only to experience what a world-class $30,000 loudspeaker system can really do. " - Chris Martens


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"My impression, admittedly on first listen, is that the FC is discontinuous with previous iterations. The FC maintains the Magnepan musicality and naturalness, but in a presentation that is not merely a marginal increment, but a flipping of the script. I have no idea what the final product will look like or what it will sound like. After all, the folks at Magnepan may decide that what Steve, Herb and I found revelatory in the design is not what they are looking for. What I can say with some confidence, however, is that if Magnepan doesn't manufacture the speaker as we heard it in New Jersey, someone should; and if there remains a modicum of fairness left in the world, they will be rewarded accordingly. " - Jules Coleman





Description 3-Way /True Ribbon Tweeter – Quasi-Ribbon Midrange and Bass.
Freq. Resp. 25-40 kHz.
Rec Power Read Frequently Asked Questions
Sensitivity 86dB/500Hz /2.83v.
Impedance 4 Ohm.
Dimensions 29 x 79x 2.062.