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Magnepan DWM

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Magnepan products do not Ship free. These ship on a pallet via truck. 

We will contact you for a quote on shipping to your destination.

Our Magnepan stocks change daily. For up-to-date information on availability and lead times, please call us at 904-642-6677. All requests will be processed in the order they are received.

Magnepan Shipping is not free. We only ship Magnepan speakers on pallets (LRS can ship UPS)  - we will contact you for an accurate quote on shipping to your destination. 



Need more bass?

The Magneplanar Bass Panel (DWM) is a dipole, thin-film, planar/magnetic bass panel. It is two bass drivers in one panel.  Two "voice coil" grids drive one bass diaphragm.  The Bass Panel is essentially a small section out of the 20.7 bass drivers.  But, please don't call it a "subwoofer".  Subwoofers are a separate category from woofers. Subwoofers are intended for below 40 Hz and are known as "slow" and "muddy" when used above 40 Hz.

Subwoofers can be adjusted higher than 40 Hz, but you will achieve better sound by using the Bass Panel to optimize the bass of your Maggies. The DWM Bass Panel has no problem integrating with a full-range Maggie because it is "all Maggie."






Description Planar-magnetic dipole bass panel.
Frequency Response 40-200 Hz*
Rec Power Read Frequently Asked Questions
Sensitivity 86 dB @2.83V/1 Meter/50 Hz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Dimensions 19.25H x 22.5W x 1.25D (inches)
Warranty Limited 3-year to original owner
Weight 19 lbs