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Magnepan LRS+

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Magnepan LRS+  

Following in the footsteps of the highly acclaimed LRS, the LRS+ takes it up a notch.

"This is another slam-dunk POY (Product of the Year) nominee, and, IMO, the best buy (along with the MG1.7i) in an affordable loudspeaker for modest-sized rooms.” 2022 Golden Ear Award.  Jonathan Valin, October 7th, 2022 

Check out Jonathan’s full review of the LRS+ below.

What is a ribbon speaker?

Ribbon and electrostatic speakers are elegant and simple. The air is moved and sound waves are created by moving an ultra-light film or aluminum ribbon. Ultra-low mass
enables the ribbon to respond quickly to the electrical signal from the amplifier. What you hear is higher definition. 






2022 Golden Ear: Magnepan LRS+ Quasi-Ribbon Loudspeaker - Read More

" This is another slam-dunk POY nominee, and, IMO, the best buy (along with the MG1.7i) in an affordable loudspeaker for modest-sized rooms." - Jonathan Valin


Magnepan LRS+ Review - Read More

"Its limitations notwithstanding, this is a great little loudspeaker and a sure-fire nominee for one of TAS’ 2022 Product of the Year Awards. " - Jonathan Valin


Magnepan LRS Loudspeakers Review - Read More

"The Magnepan LRS is remarkable given its $1,499 retail price; it gives a telescopic view into what larger Maggies are capable of, without having to rob that proverbial bank – or as today's world would have it, hack it. It's at its splendid best with the highest quality of amplification – so has expensive taste – yet it reproduces relatively simple programme material brilliantly, such as female vocals and small jazz ensembles, etc. It's able to have a good go at large scale orchestral, but can't completely defy the laws of physics; even so, judicious use of a subwoofer can help here too. Overall then, this inspired budget speaker will hook you right into the Magnepan brand, which could eventually seriously damage your wealth! " - RAFAEL TODES





Description 2-Way/Quasi Ribbon
Freq. Resp. 50 - 20 kHz
Rec Power Read Frequently Asked Questions
Sensitivity 86dB/500Hz /2.83v
Impedance 4 Ohm
Dimensions 48" high x 13" wide x 1" deep