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Parasound 200 New Classic Preamplifier

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200 New Classic Preamplifier

A lot of ways to listen to your sources

The Parasound's NewClassic 200 Pre preamp really impresses us with its sound quality and range of features — and its price. With optical, coaxial and USB digital inputs running through the 200's Burr-Brown 24-bit/192kHz DAC, the 200 will bring out the best from your digital sources. Three analog inputs — including a phono stage for moving magnet and moving coil cartridges — give you flexibility for your analog sources.

If you're new to using a separate preamp, the 200 Pre is a great way to start, with its compact design, flexible system setup options, and clean, precise sound.

Speaker options and control

Along with its flexible input array, the 200 offers a number of useful ways to configure your speakers. It features two mono subwoofer outputs and a handy subwoofer level control that's accessible from the front panel. You can even use one subwoofer output to feed a mono full-range listening zone if, for example, you want music in the kitchen or bathroom off your main listening room.

The 200's switchable, adjustable high-pass crossover comes in handy when you're using a subwoofer in addition to your main speakers. It allows your amp to reproduce only the frequencies that aren't covered by your sub, giving you the most efficient use of your available power. Dedicated "bypass" inputs for mains and subwoofers let you integrate the 200 Pre seamlessly with your home theater setup.

Features & specs


RCA Inputs


XLR Inputs


3.5mm Inputs


Phono Inputs


Phono Input Type

Moving Magnet/Moving Coil

Optical Digital Inputs


Coaxial Digital Inputs


Digital XLR Inputs


USB Type A


USB Type B


Ethernet Port



RCA Outputs


XLR Outputs


Optical Digital Outputs


Coaxial Digital Outputs


Digital XLR Outputs


Subwoofer Outputs


Discrete Sub Outs


Headphone Output


Audio Features & Specs

Frequency Response


S/N Ratio (Phono)


S/N Ratio (Line)




DAC Bit Depth


DAC Sample Rate

192 kHz

Home Theater Bypass


Wireless Features



Bluetooth Formats Supported




Frequency Bands



Apple AirPlay


DTS Play-Fi


Chromecast built-in










Music Services

Amazon Music


Apple Music














YouTube Music



Apple Control App


Android Control App


Amazon Alexa


Google Assistant


12 Volt Trigger


IR Control




Other Specs

Width (Inches)


Height (Inches)


Depth (Inches)


Parts Warranty

2 Years

Labor Warranty

2 Years





24-bit/192kHz Burr-Brown DAC: The Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre's employs a high resolution 24-bit/192kHz Burr-Brown DAC (PCM1798)). Since the 200 Pre's DAC is superior to the DAC in many source components, they will sound better if you connect them via their digital output rather than their conventional analog line output.

USB-B Port: The NewClassic 200 Pre's rear-panel USB-B port is used to connect a Windows PC (7-up) or Mac computer (OS X). The USB-B port allows high quality playback of music that is stored on your computer or laptop, as well as streaming music services accessed via the internet. The USB input accepts 2ch stereo PCM audio with sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. The 200 Pre uses the USB 1.1 Audio standard which allows for "plug-and -play" with Windows and Mac computers without the need of installation drivers.

Note: For the highest quality sound playback, leave the computer application's volume control at 100%. Then use the volume control on the 200 Pre to set the listening level.

Optical & Coaxial Digital Inputs: The Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre is outfitted with one optical (toslink) digital audio input and one coaxial (RCA) digital audio input. The optical and coaxial digital inputs support 2ch stereo PCM audio, up to 24-bit/129kHz.

Note: The optical and coaxial digital inputs do not support Dolby Digital, DTS, and other multichannel audio formats.

Analog Line-Level Inputs: The Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre is equipped with four analog line-level inputs which consist of three rear-panel stereo RCA inputs and one front-panel 3.5mm Aux input.

  • Stereo RCA: There are three stereo RCA line-level analog audio inputs on the rear-panel of the NewClassic 200 Pre. These analog source inputs have the same input sensitivity and input impedance and are compatible with any typical analog line level source. One of the stereo RCA line-level inputs can also be set to a Phono input (MM or MC).
  • Front-Panel Aux: For added convenience there is a front-panel 3.5mm Aux input for connection of a portable audio player. The Aux input has an additional gain stage that boosts the input signal by 12 dB so that the volume level is comparable with your other audio sources. For the best result set your portable player's volume to at about 75% of its maximum level. If you connect a component other than a portable MP3 player or phone to the Aux Input jack, the volume level will probably be too high and likely distorted.

Note: One of the stereo RCA inputs shares the same source input (Input 3) as the front-panel Aux input. Whenever a plug is connected to the front-panel Aux input you will not be able to hear the source that is connected to the stereo RCA Input 3 on the rear-panel.

MM/MC Phono Input: The Parasound 200 Pre is equipped with a high-quality phono stage for connection of a turntable. The phono input consists of stereo RCA jacks and a ground terminal. Connect the ground terminal to prevent hum. The Phono input has a 2-position Load/Cartridge selector switch. Select the switch position that matches your turntable cartridge type.

  • MM: The MM setting is for moving magnet cartridges. It provides a 47k ohm load and the appropriate gain for all MM cartridges. This is the most common cartridge type.
  • MC 100-Ohm: The MC setting is for moving coil cartridges. It provides the higher gain required for even very low output MC cartridges and a 100 ohm load that is ideal for most MC cartridges.


  • If your turntable won't reach adequate volume, or if it plays too loud, you have selected the incorrect cartridge type. If you use the MC setting with an MM cartridge the volume level will be very high and distorted.
  • The Phono Input can also be switched over to a line-level input.

Theater Bypass Input: The Theater Bypass input is used to incorporate the NewClassic 200 Pre into a surround sound system. The Bypass input works by passing the incoming Front Left/Right and Sub 1/2 channels directly through to the Front Left/Right and Sub 1/2 output jacks. None of the 200 Pre circuits or controls has any effect on the bypassed signals. The 200 Pre is thus transparent to the Left, Right and Subwoofer outputs from your surround sound processor or receiver and passes them on to your amplifier and Subwoofer. In order to use the 200 Pre Bypass function your surround sound receiver must have RCA line-level preamp output jacks.

Analog Outputs: The Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre is outfitted with a set of Main outputs, Subwoofer outputs, Record outputs, and headphone output.

  • Main Outputs: The 200 Pre's Main stereo RCA outputs connect directly to your power amplifier. The Main stereo RCA outputs are variable because their output level is determined by the preamplifier's volume control setting. A high pass crossover filter can be applied to the Main outputs that block low frequencies from going to your Main Left/Right speakers. This can be particularly useful if you are using small speakers and you have a separate powered sub.
  • Subwoofer Outputs: The 200 Pre provides two mono-RCA jacks for connecting up to two powered subwoofers. One mono-RCA subwoofer output features an 80Hz low pass crossover, while the other mono-RCA subwoofer output is full-range. There is also a subwoofer level control (+/-15dB) that can be used fine-tune the output of your powered subwoofer(s). The subwoofer level control raises and lower the output level of both subwoofer outputs simultaneously.
  • Record Outputs (Fixed): The NewClassic 200 Pre features a set of stereo RCA record outputs that can be used for making analog recording. The record outputs are fixed and not affected by the setting of the volume control. The bass, treble and balance controls also do not affect this output.
  • Front-Panel Headphone Out: The 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone jack on the front-panel lets you listen to your music privately. The preamplifier's main and subwoofer outputs are automatically muted when you plug in headphones. The preamp's record outputs are not muted when headphones are plugged in.

Display & Controls: The Parasound 200 Pre features a front-panel display and offers front-panel controls, as well as comes with a back-lit IR remote control. Control functions include Volume Level, Turn-On Volume, Volume Memory, Input Select, Input Name, Input Level, Bass & Treble, Balance, Sub Level, Bypass, and more. Some control functions are only found on the front-panel, while others are only found on the remote, and some on both. The front-panel display indicates Source Input, Volume Level, and Audio Menu Settings.

  • Volume Settings: Turn On Volume lets you set the 200 Pre to come on at the same volume level (0-100) every time it is turned on. Volume Memory recalls the specific volume setting (0-100) you have saved. This is a convenient way to jump directly to your favorite volume setting.
  • Input Level Offset: This feature allows you to increase or decrease each input's volume level individually to compensate for varying output levels among different sources. If you notice a sound level change when switching from one input to another, you can raise or lower the corresponding input level offset over a range of +/-8 dB. After each input level offset is adjusted, your sources should all play at about the same volume level.
  • Renaming Inputs: You can rename the line-level & phono analog inputs, the optical & coaxial digital inputs, USB-B input, and Bypass input with a variety of preset names (see owner's manual).
  • Tone Control: You can adjust Bass & Treble from -8dB to +8dB in 1dB increments to fine tune the sound. There is also a Tone Flat function which resets the Bass & Treble to zero (flat). In addition, you can adjust the Balance to the left or right, up to 15dB. This can be helpful to compensate for speaker placement or room acoustics.

Custom Integration: Custom integration features includes a two-way RS232 serial port (DB9), IR input (3.5mm), and a 12V output trigger (3.5mm).

  • IR Input: The NewClassic 200 Pre is outfitted with an IR input (3.5mm). The 200 Pre is compatible with most popular infrared repeater systems (sold separately - see Accessories Tab) for remote control operation from another room or when the 200 Pre is installed in a cabinet where its remote handset signals cannot reach its front panel remote control sensor.
  • 12V Trigger Out: If your power amplifier is equipped with a 12V trigger input you may find it convenient for the 200 Pre to turn it on and off automatically. Connect a mono-minijack cable between the 200 Pre's trigger out jack (3.5mm) and your external amplifier's trigger input. When the 200 Pre is powered on, 12 volts will be present at the 12V output jack and your amp will turn on automatically.
  • RS232 Port: This RS232 serial port (DB9) permits the 200 Pre to be controlled by home automation and control systems such as Crestron, AMX, Control4 , Savant and Elan. When the 200 Pre is connected to such a device, it can be controlled from keypads or touch-screen panels throughout your home. The RS-232 port is a two-way signal for both control and status feedback. The capabilities of such connections, and the programming and interfacing needed will depend on the automation system you select.

Optional Rack Mount: For mounting in a standard 19” equipment rack, you must use the Parasound RMK 11 rack mount kit (sold separately - see Accessories Tab). With its four feet removed, the NewClassic 200 Pre's front-panel height occupies 1U rack space.