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Phase Technology

Phase Technology PC 9.5

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PhaseTech PC9.5  Speaker in Black

Speakers sold individually. Purchase two for complete stereo system.

The newest to the Premier Collection, the three-way PC9.5 freestanding tower represents PhaseTech's most advanced technology and design profile, reflecting the value of handcrafted quality. Utilizing three patented 6.5 inch tri-laminate Kevlar/RPF®/Glass Fiber flat-piston woofers, a 1.5 inch soft dome midrange, and a 1 inch soft dome tweeter, the PC9.5 is able to produce an incredibly detailed soundstage in conjunction with its Absolute Phase® Crossovers. Available in high gloss black or matte white. Elegantly curved high-gloss black makes the PC9.5 a stunning addition to any room. For in-ceiling/in-wall options, Single the PC9.5 with the CI6.2X, CI7.3X, CI20X, CI60 VIII Kit, CI70X, CI-SURR-X, CI110-SIII, CI120, or CI130.