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Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject Pick It 25A

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Pick it 25A

Phono cartridge for turntables

Audiophile vinyl enjoyment because pure silver offers crystal clear performance!
In celebration of our 25th anniversary we release this superior cartridge in cooperation with audiophile phonographic pioneer Ortofon! To realize higher levels of detail, we modified the entry level classic OM 10 with pure silver coils, this also opened up the transparency of this cartridge.



  • Moving Magnet principle
  • Coil windings made from pure silver to achieve higher quality and more dynamic playback compared with conventional MM cartridges
  • Suitable for low to medium tonearm masses
  • 1/2 inch mounting standard
  • High trackability
  • Pick it 25A should be connected to phono MM inputs
  • As with most MM cartridges, stylus can be exchanged


    Technical Specifications

    Stylus type elliptical
    Weight 5 g
    Stylus tip radius 8 x 18 µm
    Frequency response 20 - 24.000 Hz
    Output voltage 5.5 mV
    Channel separation >25dB @ 1kHz
    Compliance dynamic/lateral 25 µm/mN
    Tracking force range 1.25-1.75 g
    Recommended tracking force 1.5 g
    Tracking angle 20°
    Internal inductance 580 mH
    Recommended load resistance 47 kΩ
    Recommended load capacitance 200-600 pF