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PIEGA Coax 411 Loudspeaker gen 2

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COAX 411 - Excellence Finishes

The Coax 411 represents a perfect introduction to the coaxial world of PIEGA. It provides a delightful audio performance in the highest resolution, unparalleled amongst bookshelf speakers, and leaves nothing to be desired in small to medium-sized rooms.





The new C112+ coaxial ribbon inspires with its equally natural and vibrant sound diversity.


The «Tension Improve Module 2» (TIM2) sets the cabinet under controlled tension to effectively calm cabinet resonances.


The elegantly shaped speaker cabinet designed by Stephan Hürlemann is a visual highlight in any room.


The 160 mm UHQD woofer forms a perfect symbiosis with the coaxial ribbon.


The extraordinary cabinet made of seamless extruded aluminum sets new quality standards among the world’s highest-ranked speakers.





By positioning the tweeter and midrange driver point symmetrically on one level, PIEGA yet again sets new standards. This globally unique architecture creates a point source at which the position of the sound reproduction remains unchanged across a wider frequency range, resulting in a phenomenal time and impulse response for incredible sound reproduction. 


The woofers are manufactured by the renowned chassis manufacturer SEAS based on PIEGA’s specifications to produce powerful and punchy basses of the highest class.


Discover the eight new colours of the COAX EXCELLENCE series, which we have made specifically for the COAX Gen2 speakers. Customize your listening experience with eight exciting color options like Sandalor, Building Silver, Bronze and more. Find your perfect speaker color here.





Test Piega Coax 411: the coax ribbon makes the difference - Read More

"The Coax 611 floor-standing loudspeaker made a lasting impression on me, and the smaller 411 was almost the same. The lightness, precision and imaging accuracy of the new mid-high coax is simply breathtaking and sets standards. The compact 411 plays in the upper bass and is therefore a little "warmer" and more pleasant than its floor-standing sister speaker - which many listeners will certainly like.

Also on the plus side is the absolutely flawless workmanship of the acoustically almost perfect housing and the electrical simplicity. This does not mean that every amplifier is a tonal match for the Coax 411. Technically, however, it has fewer limitations than very few other speakers in this class. The Piega is not exactly cheap, but the overall package is completely convincing." - Holger Biermann


High-End Lautsprecher · Piega Coax 411 - Read More

"The new Piega Coax 411 loudspeakers are a big hit. The new ribbon coax plays with a lightness and finesse that is unrivaled. And its connection to the bass range is so ideal that technology no longer plays a role and instead only music plays. A speaker for the island." - Christian Bayer

Piega Coax 411 - Read More

"The Piega Coax 411 from the new Gen2 series presents itself as an excellent compact speaker at reference level. With the modified coaxial ribbon, it has outstanding homogeneity, great spatial imaging power and superb plasticity of the representation. The double magnetostat also perfectly delivers the freshness and dynamism, openness and transparency for which these agile sound transducers are famous and popular. Despite its compact dimensions, the Coax 411 impresses right down to the bass. Here it shines with sovereignty, definition and contours thanks to the housing optimization using the new Tension Improve Module 2. The stylish Coax 411 has also increased its sculptural beauty visually. It offers Horgener high end in a new finish, both visually and acoustically. " - Volker Frech


Piega Coax 411 Loudspeakers | REVIEW - Read More

"In my review of the Gershman Acoustics Studio XdB, I refer to the fact that these two premium monitors–the XdBs are $2K more per pair but include integrated stands–are very different from each other. The Gershmans are warm and embracing while the Piega Coax 411 is precise and filled with inner detail. I also suggested that having both speakers on hand for all types of music, or perhaps when there’s a choice between tube and solid state amplification, but this implies that I need something to “soften” the Piegas. I don’t.

No, these Swiss speakers never once sacrificed the meaning and emotion of the music in service of ultimate resolution, and instead drew me deep into recording after recording and was generous when it came to sharing all that buried treasure hiding between the notes. Highly recommended." - Marc Phillips




Design 3-way system shelf speaker
amplifier power
20 – 200 watts
Sensitivity 90 db/W/m
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency response 35 Hz - 50 KHz
(H x W x D)
45 × 21 × 31 cm
Weight 25 kg
Cabinet Extruded aluminum with Tension Improve Module 2 (TIM2)
Equipment 1 × 160 mm UHQD woofer
1 × C112+ coaxial ribbon
Color variants Aluminum cabinet brushed, silver / speaker grille cloth silver
Aluminum cabinet brushed, black anodized / speaker grille cloth black
Aluminum cabinet, white-lacquered finish / speaker grille cloth white