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PIEGA Coax 811 Loudspeaker gen 2

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COAX 811 - Excellence Finishes

124 cm tall, the series’ new flagship Coax 811 offers more volume and should be the first choice for larger living areas. The coaxial ribbon provides brilliant and detailed highs and silky, clear mids for a room-filling sound image.





With the powerful UHQD woofers as game partners, the new C212+ coax driver unfolds its full potential and showcases every type of music, from pop to jazz to grand orchestras, with great dynamics, incredible spatiality, and fantastic resolution.


The «Tension Improve Module 2» (TIM2) sets the cabinet under controlled tension to effectively calm cabinet resonances.


The elegantly shaped speaker cabinet designed by Stephan Hürlemann is a visual highlight in any room.


Four 220 mm woofers, two actively driven by the connected amplifier and two passive radiators, create dynamic and sonorous basses.


The extraordinary cabinet made of seamless extruded aluminum sets new standards among the world’s highest-ranked speakers in terms of dimension and quality.





The filigree and incredibly light foils of the Coax ribbon have significantly more surface area than the Coax 411 and the Coax 611, thus requiring less movement. This significantly increases the dynamic performance and makes the Coax 811 sound incredibly airy, dynamic, and impulsive.  

 It also ensures that the frequencies emitted by the coax ribbon always reach the audience in phase.


The woofers are manufactured by the renowned chassis manufacturer SEAS based on PIEGA’s specifications to produce powerful and punchy basses of the highest class.


Discover the eight new colours of the COAX EXCELLENCE series, which we have made specifically for the COAX Gen2 speakers. Customize your listening experience with eight exciting color options like Sandalor, Building Silver, Bronze and more. Find your perfect speaker color here.






Close To Legendary - Read More

"Even well above the 100 decibel mark the 811 plays very energetic still, but completely relaxed at the same time, as we detected with Joe Jackson‘s „Steppin‘ out“. The bass is not only powerful here, but also very controlled and coupled to the extremely high-resolution coax ribbon in a way that the 711, which is also still available, only manages to achieve to a very limited extent. It should not remain unmentioned that the 811‘s spatial imaging, proportions and playfulness also skyrocket, without ever forcefully trying to take the
spotlight. Indeed, the 811 costs quite a bit more than the tried-and-true 711. If the price is however still within your range I‘m very sure that, with the 811, you‘ll do everything you can to acquire a speaker that‘s just as convincing as the 911 is on four wheels. " - Michael Lang


Piega Coax 811 – technology upgrade with bold colors - Read More

"The Coax 311 contains a pair of glowing drivers, with the coaxial LDR mid/high driver from Piega as the main character. The integration with a physics-based slower woofer is seamless to my ears, which with such different principles is always a difficult task for the manufacturer. Piega has been developing this technology for years, after all, this Coax series has been around for over sixteen years. At the same time, I realize that a Piega is not to everyone's taste in terms of reproduction, you are looking in vain for the English midrange, or for German boom and hiss, if necessary USA wooden houses low, it has 'simply' become a balanced reproducer that can appeal to a wide audience . Give the Coax 311 some space and use an amplifier that has no trouble with the 4 Ohm impedance, after which the enjoyment can begin. Oh yes, they look nice too!"


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"With the Coax 811, Piega is setting an accent in the premium sector. The Swiss manufacturer skillfully combines exceptional audio technology with a stylish design in the second generation. Thanks to the new variations of the Excellence models, you can now also admire them in refreshing colors that allow them to be eye-catchers or to blend in with their surroundings. The sturdy aluminum housing is beautifully crafted and underlines the value and elegance of the speakers. Of course also at the appropriate price. The clear star of the show is the new C212+ coaxial driver, with which the Coax 811 offers excellent performance in terms of dynamics, resolution, transparency and spatiality. Combined with the powerful, controlled low tone, the result is a lively, thrilling sound that makes you constantly want to make it a little louder. This makes the Piega Coax 811 a wonderful speaker for the eyes and ears." 




Design 3-way system
floor-standing speaker
amplifier power
20 – 250 watts
Sensitivity 92 db/W/m
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency response 22 Hz - 50 KHz
(H x W x D)
124 × 29 × 42 cm
Weight 63 kg
Cabinet Extruded aluminum with Tension
Improve Module 2 (TIM2)
Equipment 2 × 220 mm UHQD woofers
2 × 220 mm UHQD passive
1 × C212+ coaxial ribbon
Color variants Aluminum cabinet brushed, silver / speaker grille cloth silver
Aluminum cabinet brushed, black anodized / speaker grille cloth black
Aluminum cabinet, white-lacquered finish / speaker grille cloth white