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PIEGA Sub Medium (Each)

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Whether for your home cinema or stereo system – the Sub Medium impresses with a punchy and profound bass for suspenseful moments and a full blast of emotions.










Our PIEGA Sub Medium is an ideal addition to the Ace Wireless loudspeaker series. It can be easily integrated into the system or connected to any WiSA-enabled device (transmitter). Naturally, the Sub Medium can also be connected via cable to any classic passive system and thus be combined with all PIEGA loudspeakers.


For our Sub Medium, we have created an all-aluminium cabinet. The compact, rounded aluminium profile with only 230 mm diameter and the closed cabinet construction ensure incredibly precise bass reproduction. Its modern design and high-end finish are also a visual highlight in any setting.


The two 8-inch drivers have been perfectly adapted to cabinet volume. Moreover, the Sub Medium uses the same digital filters and algorithms as the Ace Wireless series, allowing for linear bass reproduction over the entire range. It also adjusts to the selected volume (dynamic loudness correction) and thus ensures thumping bass at all times.




Piega ACE 30 Wireless and Sub Medium System Review - Read More

"Of course, ‘very capable’ and ‘the thick end of four grand’ are statements that need to be weighed up against each other carefully. My ‘take’ on Piega has changed very little in the time since I started looking at its products. This is not a company which is desperately concerned by what other people get up to. It has technical itches it scratches to its satisfaction and does so knowing that the end result is not designed to appeal to absolutely everyone.

If that solution hits home though, very little else will do. The ACE Wireless system offers the scope for a very small amount of visible equipment to do an awful lot and generally do it extremely well. If you can handle the premium pricing, this is a very well thought out solution - easily the most impressive wireless Piega application I’ve yet tested - and one that comes enthusiastically Recommended."




POWER Output power @<1% THD 240W / <10% THD 300W
FREQUENCY 18 – 160Hz
WISA (WIRELESS) Data rate 48 – 96kHz / 24Bit
WIRED INPUTS Analog RCA / Analog stereo balanced
DIMENSIONS 230 × 270 × 465 mm
WEIGHT 17.5 kg
DESIGN PRINCIPLE Closed active bass subwoofer
ASSEMBLY 2 × 200 mm
VERSIONS Cabinet in silver, black or white lacquer.