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Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject Cleaning Set Advanced

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Record Collector Essentials

This Set Includes 

  • Brush it - carbon fiber record cleaning brush
  • Clean it - carbon fiber stvlus cleaning brush
  • Vinyl Clean - reusable dry-cleaning compound

Every record enthusiast needs a record & stylus brush which is why we bundle them together here in our Cleaning Set Advanced. Each feature static-dissipating carbon fiber bristles for the gentle removal superficial dust & debris from your vinyl LPs as well from your stylus. For a more targeted approach to tougher grime, read on...

About Vinyl Clean

Vinyl Clean is a high-tech compound for gentle and efficient record & stylus cleaning. It's great for the removal of dust and debris that you'd otherwise hear in playback. The accrued particles are encapsulated by the compound audibly reducing distortion. It also removes fingerprints... all without leaving behind residue.

Do not rub with Vinyl Clean! Just gently roll the compound over the record and/or carefully lower the stylus onto it. It is NOT recommended for cleaning acetate records! Also avoid using it on oily or wet surfaces. Before use, wash your hands with soap and proceed when they're completely dry. Use the compound until the maximum absorption capacity is reached. Replace your Vinyl Clean when it becomes sticky, but no later than eight months after first application.