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Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject MC Step Up Box S3

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MC Step Up Box S3

Step-up transformer for MC cartridges

Made In Europe


The output level of MC cartridges is very low, compared to a MM (Moving Magnet) one it is about 10x lower, which means, you need a special phono amplifier. A higher gain is needed to utilize the signals, which can result in a higher noise level and distortion. The MC Step Up Box S3 is the solution.

We always recommend a step-up transformer in combination with a high quality MM phono (especially tube) preamp, rather than MC phono preamplifiers.

Mc Step Up Box S3 3

Lively, dynamic & natural

The MC Step Up Box S3 works very differently compared to a phono preamplifier. The windings ratio of the transformer determines the gain factor. As it works completely passive and no external power is needed, no extra power can be produced. The increase in voltage is achieved by a coresponding decrease is current. As there is no amplification, the MC Step Up Box S3 has a remarkable noise performance and a very low level of distortion. The sound with a Step-Up Transformer will be more lively, dynamic and natural.

Gold plated

Premium RCA terminals

Gold plated in- and output RCA terminals for optimum signal transmission.

Mc Step Up Box S3 6


Solid full aluminium housing

Due to the timeless design & rigid aluminium casework, the MC Step Up Box S3 is built for eternity.



Cartridge impedance setting

Cartridge impedance matching button on the back. Two different settings available: 10-40Ω & 40-150Ω

Mc Step Up Box S3 7

Made in EU

High-quality materials

The new Step Up Box S3 is carefully designed and handmade in Europe.

Made In Europe

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