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Puritan PS106DC

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PS106 and PS106 Strip Purifiers

Progressing up from the Power Bricks, Puritan Power Strips add additional componentry for the more stubborn aspects of differential mode interference and provide two additional output sockets, all in an extremely robust heavy steel magnetically shielding casing with a substantial aluminium top face. Incorporating 6 x 15Amp outlets, 23 discrete filter elements and enhanced differential mode treatments, plus with DC offset correction an option, Power Strips are a great solution if you cant quite stretch to a Studio Master or prefer the slender ergonomics of the Strip types.

  • Heavily constructed electrically and magnetically shielded casing
  • Six independently filtered 15 amp outlets avoid cross contamination
  • Multiple cumulative stages of purification removes common and differential mode interference
  • Direct maximum power, equal resistance routing to all outputs
  • Massive 9,000 amps of three dimensional non-sacrificial (gas) surge protection
  • Rebalances the AC sine wave, removing all dc components, this enables transformers to work silently at their very maximum efficiency realising their full dynamics and power range. (DC Version Only)
  • Star earthing plan avoids hum loops, reduces the noise floor, for greater silence and definition
  • Cleansed earth removes noise from the earth line further enhancing clarity and dynamics
  • Internal wiring silver plated OFC copper PTFE insulation
  • Dimensions in mm W 540 D 87 H 90 4 Kgs
  • Rated Voltage 110-240 50-60Hz
  • IEC type C20 Input
  • 3 Years Guarantee